School of Nursing Faculty & Staff Directory

Meet the School of Nursing Team

  • Carla M. Hagen, PhD, MPH, RN"The world has seen how nurses respond with care and compassion, commitment and expertise. Nurses are increasingly visible in their extraordinary efforts, facing daily challenges with bravery, courage, resilience, and professionalism."

    -Carla M. Hagen, PhD, MPH, RN

  • Susan Meskis, MSN, RN"Nurses, along with other healthcare professionals, have a very important role.  To provide holistic care, it is imperative to know medically what is needed, but also to understand their culture. We, as nurses, have a very small window to make an impact."

    -Susan Meskis, MSN, RN

  • Angelia Trujillo, DNP, MSN, WHNP-BC"Being a nurse is such an important role - from the one-on-one care to the work that nurses can do with populations. I am honored every day to work with individuals and also work on projects that impact communities, states, and the nation."

    -Angelia Trujillo, DNP, WHNP-BC, AFN-C, DF-AFN

School of Nursing Administration

Name Title Phone Email
School of Nursing General Information 907-786-4550
Carla Hagen School of Nursing Director 907-786-4550
Kristin Lutz School of Nursing Associate Director 907-786-4566 
RaLyssa Harris RRANN Program Coordinator 907-786-6944
Haley Hanson RRANN Health Careers Advisor 907-543-4587
Elizabeth Adame RRANN Student Success Facilitator 907-786-0878
Jennifer Straub Compliance Office 907-786-4537
Katie Walker Instructional Designer 907-786-4333
Jordana Newman Communications Coordinator 907-786-4416
Melody Starks Assistant to the Director/Office Manager 907-786-6375
Chris Caples Program Support Specialist 907-786-4550
June Ebert  Program Support Specialist 907-786-4550
Kim Hayes Program Support Specialist 907-786-4550
Elise Harrison Nursing Resource Center Coordinator 907-786-4565


School of Nursing Faculty 

Name Title Phone Email
Barbara Anderson Term Assistant Professor 907-786-6978
Stephanie Averyt Term Clinical Instructor - Fairbanks
Amy Bock Term Clinical Instructor  907-786-4577
Cecilia Brenner Assistant Professor - Sitka 907-747-9468
Morgan Brissette Assistant Professor - FNP 907-786-0447
Stacy Brunquist Outreach Coordinator 907-786-4546
Tiffany Caldwell Term Assistant Professor
Susan Camasi Assistant Professor - Fairbanks 907-455-2893
Katherine Chapman Term Clinical Instructor
Leah Coffman Assistant Professor - FNP 907-786-6412
Twyla Elhardt Term Clinical Instructor - Bethel 907-543-4506
Lisa Ernest Assistant Professor - Undergraduate Program Chair 907-786-4549
Jessy Frye Assistant Professor - PMHNP 907-786-1695
Rachael Hacke Term Assistant Professor - FNP and PMHNP 907-786-4862
Janet Hargrove Assistant Professor 907-455-2880
Jessica Hill Term Clinical Instructor 907-786-4567
Jill Janke Professor 907-786-4570
Jennifer Jimenez Term Clinical Instructor 907-786-4583
Rita Kaiser Assistant Professor 907-786-1930
Nina Ketelsen Assistant Professor 907-786-4575
Christine Kube Assistant Professor - Kenai 907-262-0333
Emily La Grander Term Assistant Professor
John Lyon Term Assistant Professor
Katie McKee Term Clinical Instructor 907-786-4592
Susan Meskis Assistant Professor 907-786-4591
Margaret Mete Professor - Kodiak 907-486-1279
Christine Michel Associate Professor 907-786-6787
Julie Morrell Assistant Professor 907-745-9722
Heide Provencher Assistant Professor - FNP 907-786-4584
Melissa Reed Term Assistant Professor - Ketchikan 907-228-4546
Katie Shull Term Clinical Instructor - Ketchikan 907-228-4574
Vianne Smith Assistant Professor - Fairbanks 907-455-2989
Charles Spruance Term Clinical Instructor 907-786-6376
Kathleen Stephenson Professor 907-786-4585
Rebecca Stoeckler Assistant Professor - Kodiak 907-486-1279
Michelle Tatela PAMC Clinical Liason
Christopher Thorn Term Assistant Professor - Juneau 907-796-6213
Sharyl Toscano Professor 907-786-6377
Angelia Trujillo Professor 907-786-4693
Peter Varney Assistant Professor 907-786-4590
Megan Volkov Assistant Professor - APRN DNP Program Chair 907-786-4578
Erin Workman Term Clinical Instructor - Homer 907-235-1612