Apply to SON

Applying to the School of Nursing (SON) Associate of Applied Science (AAS) and Bachelor of Science (BS) Nursing programs is a two step process.

Step 1: Apply to UAA If you have not done so already

UAA is an open access public university. All students who apply to UAA and qualify for admission are admitted as pre-nursing majors. Pre-major students are considered degree seeking for Scholarships, Financial Aid, Priority Registration, and Federal Reporting purposes. They can also take courses at any UA campus as long as they meet the minimum prerequisites. 

Pre-major students cannot take Nursing (NURS) and Nursing Science (NS) full major courses.
  • For New and Transfer students: The School of Nursing strongly recommends students submit their high school, GED, and/or out of state transcripts to Enrollment Services three months prior to the School of Nursing deadline to ensure timely and complete processing.
  • For Current UA students: UA students do not need to submit transcripts from UAA, UAF or UAS.

Please note: Admission as a pre-nursing major does not guarantee admission to the nursing program; a separate application process is required.

UAA Admissions: How to Apply optional hidden text


Step 2: Apply to competitive Nursing Ranking by program deadline

  1. UAA Admission to the Nursing pre-major of your choice (see program page for more details).
  2. Meet with a College of Health Academic Advisor to verify course completion, GPA, and required deadlines.
    • Call 786-1318 to set up an appointment.
  3. Complete the School of Nursing Digital Application and pre-admissions exam no later than the deadline
    • AAS applicants: only one site may be selected per deadline.
    • Late applications, prerequisites, and test scores will not be accepted

Any changes to the admissions process approved in a given academic year and will not be applicable until August of the same year. Therefore, students in the application process who have July 1st deadlines will not be affected by the changes. It is the students' responsibility to be aware of any changes that may effect their eligibility.

School of Nursing Applications


Ranking Results

Each ranking takes approximately three months from the application deadline to complete depending on the number of applicants. All students who apply to go through the competitive ranking process will receive an official letter from the School of Nursing to their preferred email if they submitted a digital application and their UA email if they submitted a paper application. 


students who are successfully placed into the program will receive a letter of congratulations with the semester or trimester they were placed into. Attached to the letter will be a Google Docs form that the student must fill out in order to accept their placement. Accepted students may accept their seat as designated, decline their seat, or decline and de-active their nursing application. students who do not accept their seats within the given time period may lose their placement and the seat will be offered to the next candidate.

Not Accepted

students who were eligible for the ranking but below the competitive cut-off for the number of seats available will receive a letter stating so. students who are not accepted into the program are encouraged to speak with an advisor on ways they can improve their application for the next ranking period. Candidates will also be placed on an alternate list based on their ranking score. As accepted students claim or decline their seats, students on the alternate list may have an opportunity to move up and potentially still receive a seat.


Minimum requirements need to be met before a student can be considered in the competitive ranking process. students that have failed to meet the minimum ranking requirements for their program will receive a letter of ineligibility. Please meet with the School of Nursing advisors prior to ranking deadlines to avoid receiving this letter. Because admissions standards may change from year to year, students may be eligible one year and ineligible the next if they fail to meet any updated admissions standards.