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Pre-Admission Exams

A Pre-Admission Examination is required for admission to the undergraduate nursing programs. The AAS and BS programs have transitioned to the ATI TEAS exam starting July 1, 2019. Previously completed HESI or Kaplan results can still be used through July 1, 2020 or until they expire, whichever comes first.

NOTICE: Pre-Registration Required. Testing space is limited and fills up quickly near deadlines! Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Arrangements for accommodated testing may be scheduled by calling or emailing the Testing Center directly at least 48 hours in advance.

The School of Nursing recommends scheduling the exam approximately 1 month in advance to ensure availability. 

About the Pre-Admission Exams

  • Testing is available at the UAA Testing Center during pre-determined testing hours.
  • The exam must be completed no later than the application deadline for the site selected.
    • Exams taken after the application deadline will not be accepted until the next ranking period.
    • Plan ahead: the Testing Center is closed on weekends and holidays.
  • You will be able to access your score report immediately after exam is completed.
  • There are no questions that require knowledge about nursing skills on this test.
  • This is an assessment test, not a pass/fail test.
  • The exams can be taken up to twice per year, but no more frequently than once every six months. 
  • The highest score within the last 36 months will be used in the ranking.


The test consists of a pre-test questions and 4 timed section in a multiple-choice format as listed below. Test time is capped at 3 hours: 29 minutes.

English and Language Usage: 28 questions (28 minutes)

  • Conventions of standard English
  • Knowledge of language
  • Vocabulary acquisition

Mathematics Section: 36 questions (54 minutes)

  • Measurement and data
  • Numbers and algebra
  • Basic Arithmetic

Reading Section: 53 questions (64 minutes)

  • Key ideas and details
  • Craft and structure
  • Integration of knowledge & ideas

Science Section: 53 questions (63 minutes)

  • Human anatomy & physiology
  • Life and physical sciences
  • Scientific reasoning

Preparing for the exam

To prepare for the exams, you may purchase the study guide: 
  • ATI TEAS Study Manual: Sixth Edition Revised, ISBN# 978-1565335752
  • Older editions may also be available
  • The TEAS is a nation-wide test, alternate study material may be available through your favorite search engine
To review math and science, check out Khan Academy

Taking the exam

How To Register

  1. Create a TEAS account
    • Select institution: U of AK Anchorage AH
  2. Go to: UAA Testing Center Website
  3. Select TEAS VI - Anchorage
  4. Follow the directions for scheduling an appointment using the online registration system
  5. Pay the published exam fee at the time of registration.

Special Note: Please ensure that you use the same name for this test that is displayed on UAOnline. If the name you used on the exam is different, please include it under the Previous Name section of the Nursing Application to Rank. Most common reasons names don't match: nicknames, a recent name change not in the UA system (maiden/married names), only included a small part of a hyphenated name.

UAA Testing Center (Open and In-person)

3211 Providence Drive, LIB 215, Anchorage, AK 99508
Required Identification
Current Picture ID required for admission to testing (no exceptions). 
All identification must be unexpired and an original document.
Acceptable ID's: UAA Student ID, High School ID, or Government Issued driver’s license, passport, military or state ID

Remote Exams

Remote exams are available to testers who are unable to physically test at the UAA-Anchorage Testing Center. To ensure the integrity of the students' test scores and the security of the exams, ALL testing must be done in a proctored setting. Remote testing may require additional time for scheduling and proctoring fees.

How do I take the test in Alaska? 

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of the proctors below to take the test in Alaska (Proctors may charge a fee for their services).
  2. Register and pay for the test at least 48  hours in advance. The appointment date and time that you select through the UAA registration system must be the same date and time scheduled with the proctor listed below.
Proctor Name Region Campus Phone Email
Casie Stockdale Bethel UAF 907-543-4562
Faith Barnes Cordova PWCC 907-424-7598
Wanda Wahl Dillingham Bristol Bay 907-842-8349
eCampus Testing Services Fairbanks UAF 907-455-2076
Christine Godfrey Homer KPC 907-235-1601
Julia Sapelkina Ketchikan UAS 907-228-4507
Bobbie-Farfalla-Ivanoff Kodiak KOC 907-486-1232
Jessica Glore Kuskokwim UAF 907-543-4559 
Gigi Durden Nome UAF 907-443-8427
Audrey Beam Sitka UAS 907-747-7785
Crystal Penrod Soldotna KPC 907-262-0227
Heidi Frank Valdez PWCC 907-834-1626
Additional information about the exams and the remote testing process is available at: UAA Testing Center: TEAS