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  • Can I take courses online?


    All pre-major courses have online options through UAA, UAA distance sites, UAF, or UAS. Students may take online classes from any campus as long as they meet the prerequisite course work set out by that campus' course catalog. See Course Transfer Equivalencies below for a complete list of how UAF and UAS courses transfer to UAA.


    At this time only RN to BS lecture courses are offered online.

    AAS Lecture courses outside of Anchorage are live streamed to all of our distance sites simultaneously so that students can still participate in class. The clinical portions have to be complete in person. The School of Nursing tries to accommodate students at distance sites with clinicals in their home communities to minimize travel. Students traveling for intensive clinicals are responsible for obtaining and paying for transportation, housing, and all other related expenses.

  • Can I take UAF or UAS courses?

    Once a student is accepted into any UA campus, students can take courses from any other campus in the UA system with some stipulations:

    1. Priority registration is reserved for your main campus. UAA students cannot sign-up for UAF or UAS courses until priority registration is complete and open registration has started.
    2. UAF and UAS courses may have different course prerequisites. Students must meet the prerequisites designated by the course they wish to enroll in.
    3. UAF and UAS courses are considered non-resident credits for purpose of graduation.
    4. Classes that are first transferred from outside of the UA system into UAF or UAS do not always transfer to UAA as equivalent courses. 
  • How long do the programs take?


    Prerequisite courses can be completed in as little as three semesters if a student is enrolled full time and meets all of the minimum testing requirements. Students with additional commitments beyond school, or needing preparatory  math or writing courses, may chose to take classes at a slower pace to accommodate all of their personal needs.


    These courses must be done in sequence.
    • LPN to AAS program: 3 semesters long with no courses over the summer.
    • AAS program: 4 semesters or 24 months long with no courses over the summer. 
    • RN to BS: Each returning RN is unique and there is no typical time frame. It is possible to complete all nursing courses in 4 trimesters or 16 months.
    • BS program: 5 trimesters or 20 months long. 
  • What are the Clinical Requirements?


    Clinical requirements do not need to be met by Pre-Major students only those who have successfully ranked into the full major program and are preparing to take NS courses.

    All students who are admitted to clinical nursing courses are required to provide copies of documentation of health and CPR prior to beginning those courses. Requirements marked with an asterisk (*) are considered valid only if the expiration date does not occur prior to the end of the semester of current enrollment:

    • Evidence of:
      • Immunizations for, or immunity to key conditions consistent with current clinical guidelines.
      • Documentation of HIV testing annually (results not required).
    • Current Health Provider Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for infants, children and adults (information regarding acceptable courses may be obtained from the department).*
    • Results of a national level criminal background check.
    • Students enrolled in clinical courses must provide their own transportation to clinical assignments and are required to purchase uniforms and specialized equipment.
    • All students enrolled in clinical courses are covered by liability insurance through University of Alaska Statewide Risk Management. The cost of the insurance is covered by fees for the clinical courses.
  • Can I submit an application to rank at multiple sites?

    Students may apply to multiple rankings, however, only one site may be selected per deadline.

    For example: a student can submit one application to rank in both the February 1st and May 1st rankings. However, they cannot submit two applications to the May 1st ranking for different locations. If an applicant submits more than one application for a given deadline, only the first submitted site will be considered.

    Applicants that are successfully ranked to a site are required to complete the program at the location they originally accepted placement. Please keep this in mind when submitting your application to rank in a site that will require moving.

  • When will I hear back about my application to rank?

    Each ranking takes approximately 3 months to complete depending on the number of applicants. All students who apply to go through the competitive ranking process will receive an official letter from the School of Nursing to their preferred email if they submitted a digital application and their UA email if they submitted a paper application. 

    • Students that are successfully placed into the program will receive a letter of congratulations with the semester or trimester they were placed into. Attached to the letter will be a Google Docs form that the student must fill out in order to accept their placement.  
    • Students that were eligible for the ranking but below the competitive cut-off for the number of seats available will receive a letter stating so.
    • Students that failed to meet the minimum ranking requirements for their program will receive a letter of ineligibility. 

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