LPN to AAS in Nursing

This program is being phased out

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Nursing program offered a direct articulation option for Licensed Practical Nurses in Anchorage. LPNs that applied to the May 1, 2019 ranking will still be ranked and placed as direct articulation LPN to AAS students. Future students will need to apply to the traditional program and will follow the standard curriculum.

Please note: Admission as a pre-major does not guarantee admission to the nursing program; a separate application process is required. 


For entry into the full-major portion of the program students must complete the required prerequisites and courses listed below. We recommend seeing a School of Nursing (SON) advisor early in the process to create a personalized plan of study and determine the best timeline for your application. Additional courses may be required based on ACCUPLACER scores for Writing and ALEKs scores for Math placement.

Either High School or College

These courses must be complete prior to applying to the AAS Ranking
  • Intermediate Algebra (MATH A055 or higher level) or math placement test at higher level
  • Introductory Biology with Lab (BIOL A102 & A103 or BIOL A111/L)
  • Chemistry (CHEM A055 or higher level)
  • Applicants must also show credit for BIOL A111/111L, WRTG A111, and PSY A150 at the time of ranking

Pre-Major Nursing Courses

Students are encouraged to complete the Pre-Major Nursing courses listed below while waiting to qualify for admission to the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Nursing program.  These courses generate points in the admission ranking process and are prerequisites to the following semester's NURS courses. Enrollment in NURS A125/L requires acceptance into the AAS Nursing program and completion of BIOL A111/111L, WRTG A111, and PSY A150. Please see an advisor regularly to ensure you are on track.

Sample Schedule

    • WRTG A111 Introduction to Composition (3)
    • BIOL A111, 111L Anatomy & Physiology I (4)
    • PSY A150 Life Span Development (3)
    • COMM A111, A235, A237, or A241 (3)
    • *SOCIAL SCIENCE General Education Req. (3)
    • *WRTG A213 (prefered), A214, A212, or A211 (3)
    • BIOL A112, 112L Anatomy & Physiology II (4)
    • BIOL A240, 240L Microbiology (4)
    • DN A203 Nutrition for Health Sciences (3)
    • *General Education Requirement (3)
* Students anticipating continuing on into the RN to BS program should select Baccalaureate Degree GERs.
All nursing prerequisites must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher. 

For a list which UAF and UAS pre-major courses meet UAA School of Nursing requirements please visit the Transfer page.


Major Requirements

Once you are admitted into the full-major AAS Nursing program, you will be required to complete courses in the following sequence. All students are enrolled in a specific local cohort. Students are expected to test, attend classes, labs, and clinical experiences with their cohort. Students are required to complete the program at the location they originally accepted placement.

Students enrolled in programs based outside of Anchorage (Outreach) participate through video and computer based classes. These students may be required to attend some portion of their clinical experience in Anchorage or Fairbanks. Students traveling for intensive clinicals are responsible for obtaining and paying for transportation, housing, and all other related expenses.

Plan of Study

  • SEMESTER I: Nursing Major

    • See LPN Licensure Credit below
  • SEMESTER II: Nursing Major

    • NURS A125, A125L Adult Nursing I (6)
    • NURS A180 Basic Nursing Pharmacology (3)
  • SEMESTER III: Nursing Major

    • NURS A220, A220L Perinatal Nursing (4)
    • NURS A221 Advanced Parenteral Therapy Lab (1)
    • NURS A222, A222L Pediatric Nursing (4)
  • SEMESTER IV: Nursing Major

    • NURS A225, A225L Adult Nursing II (6)
    • NURS A250, A250L Psychiatric Nursing (4)
    • NURS A255 The Staff Nurse (1)
    • NURS A295 Intensive Clinical Practicum (2) – Optional

Minimum total credit hours required to complete degree: 70
All nursing major lecture courses must be complete with a grade of 'C' or higher and clinical courses with a 'Pass'

Please note:  Graduates of this program must perform successfully on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to receive RN licensure. SON's program is approved by the Alaska Board of Nursing and the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing.

AAS Program graduates are encouraged to complete SON's RN to BS program.

LPN Licensure Credit — 7 Credits

If you have passed the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX-PN) and hold a current, unencumbered Alaska LPN license, you will be granted 7 course credits for NURS A120/120L Nursing Fundamentals upon successful completion of NURS A125 with a grade of “C” or better, successful completion of NURS A125L with a “Pass,” and payment of a $175 administrative fee ($25 per credit).

If you do not pass NURS A125/NURS A125L, you will be dismissed from the program and required to reapply as a non-LPN AAS student.


There will be no more rankings for the direct articulation LPN option. The following criteria is what will be used for the final May 1, 2019 ranking. Only the students who complete the Application and HESI Exam below will be ranked for possible admission to NURS A125/A125L in the Fall or Spring semesters following completion of their application. Candidates who are not admitted to the original class will be placed on the alternate list for admission in the event that an opening occurs later. 

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