The goal of academic advising is to assist students in developing educational plans consistent with career/life goals and to provide students with the information and skills needed to pursue those goals. It not only involves telling students what they need to know, but also aims at enabling them to find things out for themselves. The University knows that academic success is often greater when students and their advisor share a good working relationship. It is important to know who your advisor is and to seek advice often, rather than meeting only when problems arise. All students have the right to high quality academic advising and the University has an obligation to ensure that academic advising is available to all students. Students are encouraged to utilize advising and are responsible for seeking advising. When seeing your advisor, please bring identification.

The School of Nursing recommends meeting with an academic advisor at least once per semester and any time a need arises. SON advisors, including your faculty advisor and those in Student Services, can assist with course/program planning, academic petitions, Financial Aid appeals, etc.

Advising for SON's Undergraduate Students

Once you are admitted to the nursing major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor within your program by the School of Nursing's Student Affairs Coordinator. When you receive the assignment, you are encouraged to contact your advisor to set up a time with them for an introductory/baseline meeting. Faculty advisors are also encouraged to contact their assigned student advisees to offer this opportunity to students. SON strongly encourages students to contact their faculty advisors at least once a semester to build a strong working relationship. Please note that it is ultimately up to the student to contact their advisor for assistance/guidance.

Student Services

In addition to your faculty advisor, Student Services advisors are available to address concerns that are not related to your specific program, for instance financial aid appeals, petitions, etc. The student may call (907) 786-4550 to set up an advising session with Student Services.

Advising for SON's Graduate Students

Once you are formally admitted to the programm you will be assigned an academic advisor. Your academic advisor will be your contact for help with a petition, problems with academics, changes to plan of study, etc. The advisor will also help you find a Project Chair.