Financial Support

Cost of Attendance

Tuition rates are set and modified by the University of Alaska Board of Regents. Campus and program fees are determined locally each year and posted on UAA Tuition and Fees. There are additional Fees assessed from the university and from the nursing program. Some fees are distributed across the program, while others are charged to the student once. Financial Aid's Cost of Attendance provides an estimated cost of completing a full year as a full-time student

Current Estimates


Federal Funding

Thinking About College? See how Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) can help you pay for college!  

Alaska Performance Scholarship

The Alaska Performance Scholarship provides an opportunity for students to earn a scholarship to help cover the cost of an Alaska Postsecondary education. To be eligible you must be a resident of Alaska, have graduated from an Alaskan high school in 2011 or later, and be within 6 years of your high school graduation. If you are eligible for the APS, you can use it to help fund your program costs. It's important to know that you must complete the FAFSA Form before the June 30 priority award deadline each year you intend to use the award.


UA Funding

The School of Nursing and the University of Alaska Anchorage offer a wide range of other scholarship and funding options to students. To learn more about financial aid, scholarships, and project funding available through the School and University, please visit the following links:

Please note, the main application deadline for all UAA Scholarships is February 15 prior to the academic year for which you are seeking funding. Additional opportunities may be announced through your program's Student Blackboard shell; please be sure you follow these announcements.

Alaska Natives in Nursing

If you are an Alaska Native, be sure to check out information about financial aid offered through the Recruiting and Retention of Alaska Natives into Nursing (RRANN) program. 

External Scholarships and Resources

In addition to financial support available through the school and university, you may want to consider external funding options. The links below represent a small sample of available resources. Another option is to join a professional nursing organization, which often provide student membership rates, to gain access to member only funds.


The School of Nursing provides these links solely for your information; it is the student's responsibility to determine validity, eligibility, and deadlines. If you have any questions regarding these opportunities, please direct them to the funding organization.