Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! 

UAA provides a variety of resources for current students who are in their final semester of coursework and are ready to apply to graduate from their programs. To be eligible for graduation at the end of a given semester, a student must be formally admitted to the degree or certificate program and submit an application for graduation through UAOnline and pay the required fee. 

GRADUATION FORMS: Required to Graduate!

All Students, regardless of campus, are required to formally apply to graduate. You can do this through UAOnline, see links below.


Degree Verification

The School of Nursing evaluates the files of all Nursing students nearing their last semester or trimester of classes to identify any issues that will prevent graduation. An email will be sent to your UAA preferred email listing any missing requirements and steps needed to correct the issue. Please complete missing requirements as quickly as possible to prevent any delay in awarding your degree. If anything has changed since applying to UAA you can update your personal information by logging into UAOnline.

Once you have applied for graduation, UAA will be email a DegreeWorks audit letter. Please view the audit and notify the School of Nursing if there are still any missing requirements listed on the audit. 


The Recognition (Pinning) Ceremony is a celebration of our graduates' achievements as they complete the current phase of their educational journey. It is also an opportunity for faculty and nurse peers to welcome students at all levels into the next portion of their nursing career. Dates for Recognition are as follows:

  • Spring 2018
    May 4
  • Summer 2018
    August 17
  • Fall 2018
    December 14
  • Spring 2019
    May 3
  • Summer 2019
    August 16
  • Fall 2019
    December 13
  • Spring 2020
    May 1
  • Summer 2020
    August 14
  • Fall 2020


Nursing major students will need to complete the NCLEX Verification form prior to their respective graduation term. The forms are brought in by the Board of Nursing and are handed out during class. A scheduled time is arranged with the faculty member and the Board of nursing during the semester you are expected to graduate.

Only the top portion of the form should be filled out by the student and sent to SON Student Services. This form can be hand delivered, sent in by email, or mailed USPS. Once received, the form will be completed by the Student Services office and delivered to the UAA Degree Services where the seal will be affixed and then sent to the State of Alaska, Board of Nursing, by USPS mail, for completion. This process may take longer than expected due to the volume of UAA graduates Degree Services has to process in a condensed period of time.

Attention: Please make sure that your degree has been officially awarded prior to ordering any transcripts. You can verify that your degree has been awarded by viewing your unofficial transcript in UAOnline. Degrees are not awarded the same day as Commencement. 

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