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SON Student Portal

Welcome to the Nursing Portal section of the SON website! If you have successfully gone through a competitive ranking and are offered a seat in a Nursing program, the links below will direct you to information regarding your NURS, NS, or NSG courses, clinical requirements, financial support and other important topics of interest. If you are not currently a student in SON, but wish to learn more about our programs, please visit the Programs and Admissions section.


Nursing Handbooks

Stay informed! It is the responsibility of the individual student to know the policies and procedures of the University of Alaska Anchorage and the School of Nursing as relates to their conduct, program of study, registration, graduation, etc. You are held accountable to the expectations outlined in the UAA Course Catalog, the Student Code of Conduct, and your program handbook linked below.

Note: Updates to the Student Handbooks may periodically be made and will take precedence.


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