Clinical Supplies

The following shopping list is only for students formally admitted into the clinical portion of the AAS and BS in Nursing programs. Additional supplies may be needed on a course by course basis at the discretion of your instructor. Students still working on pre-major courses (such as anatomy & physiology & writing) are not required to have these supplies.


You can find the book list at the UAA Bookstore. You will save money if you buy bundled books at the bookstore. Elsevier gives students a discounted price when you buy them bundled.

If you buy used books you will need to make sure they come with the access codes found inside the front cover. If the code has already been used you will have to buy an access code separately at an additional cost.



Some sort of calendar to organize clinical schedules, due dates, etc.



As courses are delivered in part through electronic technology you will need a way to access the internet and documents. Papers and assignments will need to be turned in as word docs or pdfs. You will also need to have a PowerPoint viewer as there are slides that will be presented during class. Having a stable, reliable internet connection is a must. If you don’t have internet access at home, you can do your work at your local computer lab. Keep in mind that you will be taking quizzes via Blackboard and so that connection is pretty important.



A watch with a second hand

A penlight

Stethoscope: You should be able to find these at the book store. You may also find at medical supply stores or uniform shops. Stethoscopes vary widely in style and price. Try to avoid the stethoscopes with two tubes side by side as they can create ambient noise which makes it difficult to hear what you want to hear. The stethoscope needs to have both a diaphragm and a bell. If you have any type of hearing impairment you may want to investigate the electronic type. Choosing the best stethoscope.

Bandage scissors: You should be able to get through the book store. You can also find at medical supply stores and uniform shops. They should have rounded ends and be at least 4 inches long.

Blood Pressure Cuff: Optional 

UAA School of Nursing has teamed up with MDF Instruments to offer an exclusive discount when ordering your instruments online.

MDF Stethoscope, Blood pressure cuff, & Penlight



Scrubs: They must be the hunter green color carried by the bookstore. Contact your local instructor if you have questions. It is probably a good idea to get two sets of scrubs, although one will do.

White lab coat: Plain white coat style with fingertip length sleeves. A white scrub jacket won’t work. You will be wearing this for clinical activities so you want it to look good. Do not plan to use the lab coat you used in your chemistry class.

Polo Shirt: Anchorage and Mat-Su students will need one of the green UAA School of Nursing polo shirts available at the bookstore.

UAA School of Nursing shoulder patches: The first three patches for scrubs and lab coat will be provided to you. If you need additional patches they are for sale at the School of Nursing's Anchorage location. Students at the distance sites can coordinate with their local faculty to have us ship additional patches to their location.


All White shoes for clinical days

They must be closed‐toed and should not be canvas. Remember you are making a great impression on the nurses and patients you will be caring for. Athletic shoes tend to work the best. They can have a small amount of color on them (brand name as an example). Crocs are not an option.