FAQ / Student Handbooks

All Nursing Programs

  • How much do the programs cost?


    Tuition rates are set and modified by the University of Alaska Board of Regents. Campus and program fees are determined locally each year and posted on UAA Tuition and Fees. There are additional Fees assessed from the university and from the nursing program. Some fees are distributed across the program, while others are charged to the student once. Financial Aid's Cost of Attendance provides an estimated cost of completing a full year as a full-time student. For estimated costs associated with the nursing undergraduate programs, please visit our financial support page.


  • What are some options for financial support?


    The School of Nursing and the University of Alaska Anchorage offer a wide range of other scholarship and funding options to students. To learn more about financial aid and general scholarships available through the School and University, please visit the following links:

    Please note, the main application deadline for all UAA Scholarships is February 15 prior to the academic year for which you are seeking funding.

    Additional information about funding can be found at School of Nursing Funding.

  • I have a disability. Can I apply to the program?


    Students who apply to the Nursing Programs must meet the criteria as stated in this document. Students with disabilities are expected to perform all the essential functions of the program with or without reasonable accommodation. The UAA School of Nursing works closely with Disability Support Services and is committed to ensuring that otherwise qualified students with disabilities are given equal access through reasonable accommodations to its services, programs, activities, and education for students with disabilities.

    AAS & BS students: Please review the Essential Qualifications for Undergraduate Students. 

  • How many hours per week can I work while enrolled in the program?
    Although the programs do not have a formal policy regarding working while taking classes, students are encouraged to reduce work hours based on the number of credits and clinical hours they complete. It is recognized that many factors, such as the work schedule, type of position and family responsibilities, affect the decisions related to working. At no time is a student allowed to attend clinical after working a full shift.


  • Can I take courses online?


    All pre-major courses have online options through UAA, UAA distance sites, UAF, or UAS. Students may take online classes from any campus as long as they meet the prerequisite course work set out by that campus' course catalog. See Course Transfer Equivalencies below for a complete list of how UAF and UAS courses transfer to UAA.


    At this time only RN to BS lecture courses are offered online.

    AAS Lecture courses outside of Anchorage are live streamed to all of our distance sites simultaneously so that students can still participate in class. The clinical portions have to be complete in person. The School of Nursing tries to accommodate students at distance sites with clinicals in their home communities to minimize travel. Students traveling for intensive clinicals are responsible for obtaining and paying for transportation, housing, and all other related expenses.

  • How long do the programs take?


    Prerequisite courses can be completed in as little as three semesters if a student is enrolled full time and meets all of the minimum testing requirements. Students with additional commitments beyond school, or needing preparatory  math or writing courses, may chose to take classes at a slower pace to accommodate all of their personal needs.


    These courses must be done in sequence.
    • AAS program: 4 semesters or 24 months long with no courses over the summer. 
    • RN to BS: Each returning RN is unique and there is no typical time frame. It is possible to complete all nursing courses in 4 trimesters or 16 months.
    • BS program: 4 semesters or 20 months long. 
  • What are the Clinical Requirements?


    Clinical requirements do not need to be met by Pre-Major students only those who have successfully ranked into the full major program and are preparing to take NS courses.

    All students who are admitted to clinical nursing courses are required to provide copies of documentation of health and CPR prior to beginning those courses. Requirements marked with an asterisk (*) are considered valid only if the expiration date does not occur prior to the end of the semester of current enrollment:

    • Evidence of:
      • Immunizations for, or immunity to key conditions consistent with current clinical guidelines.
      • Documentation of HIV testing annually (results not required).
    • Current Health Provider Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for infants, children and adults (information regarding acceptable courses may be obtained from the department).*
    • Results of a national level criminal background check.
    • Students enrolled in clinical courses must provide their own transportation to clinical assignments and are required to purchase uniforms and specialized equipment.
    • All students enrolled in clinical courses are covered by liability insurance through University of Alaska Statewide Risk Management. The cost of the insurance is covered by fees for the clinical courses.
  • What locations are available for the AAS and the BSN?

    Please see below for a list of the sites offered for each program.



Do you still have questions? Please contact us at nursing@alaska.edu.