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Project BLENDS graduate collaboration to promote early childhood mental health

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Project BLENDS will develop a training model at UAA for four overlapping service disciplines in order to serve young children with high-intensity social-emotional needs and their families..

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MSW graduate Albert Toves' CHamoru values fuel his passion to help others

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As an Indigenous CHamoru, Albert Toves' pursuit to attain a degree in social work is rooted in his passion and responsibility to help his community in Guåhan (Guam) and other indigenous communities.

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Dr. Vanessa Meade appointed as member of U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Veterans Rural Health Advisory Committee

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Vanessa Meade, an assistant professor in the School of Social Work and a U.S. Army veteran, was recently appointed as a member of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Rural Health Advisory Committee (VRHAC) on a three-year term.⁠

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Dr. Tracey Burke, alongside collaborators, publish three manuscripts related to food insecurity research

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School of Social Work Professor Tracey Burke and Dietetics and Nutrition Assistant Professor Amanda Walch collaborated with each other and UAA students to publish three manuscripts from studies they have been conducting with the St. Francis House Food Pantry to determine food pantry needs within the community.

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Creating community for female veterans

 |  Catalina Myers  | 

While most know Mary Louise Rasmuson for her extraordinary philanthropy and the many structures, organizations and foundations that hold her and her husband's namesake, what many don’t know about Mary Louise was her incredible contribution to pioneering women’s work and rights in the U.S. military. She is an inspiration to many, but for Vanessa Meade, assistant professor in UAA’s School of Social Work and Army veteran, Rasmuson holds an extra special place in her heart. Meade is the coordinator for a new community-based project Operation Mary Louise (OML), named after Rasmuson, a woman she greatly admires for her military and leadership service. She hopes the project will shed light on Rasmuson's military contributions and all the women in Alaska who have served.