BSW Admissions Requirements


  • How to Apply for Admission (Pre-Major status) 
    1. Access the online application via the UAOnline System.
    2. Choose your degree type as "Baccalaureate Degree (Four-Year)."
    3. Choose your major as "Social Work*."
    4. Pay with Visa or MasterCard for online applications. (To pay by check, use a paper application and mail to the Office of Admissions.)
    5. Print the confirmation page at the end of the online application for your records.

    Completion of the on-line application will expedite your admission process; however, paper applications are also available.  Please do not submit more than one application unless you are requesting more than one degree (the fee is non-refundable). A detailed instructional video on how to apply online is available.

    *Note: When students declare social work as their major, they are assigned to the current catalog year. Declaration of social work as a major does not guarantee admission to the Social Work program. Students must apply for admission to the Social Work program during the fall semester of their junior year. Full admission to the Social Work Program is based upon the requirements listed below.

    Social Work credits earned through other CSWE accredited social work programs may be transferred to UAA and applied toward the Bachelor of Social Work degree. Approval from the UAA School of Social Work is required for acceptance of Social Work transfer credits.

  • Applying for Admission to Full Major

    *Note: Only students eligible to receive state licensure will be admitted to the BSW degree program. Please contact the School of Social Work for further information.

    Students must submit the following application materials to the School of Social Work by the last Friday in October prior to intended entry into field work (materials are provided by the School of Social Work): 

    1. The School of Social Work Application for Admission to the BSW degree and Senior Field Practicum.
    2. Admissions statement.
    3. A Student Practicum Interest sheet. 

    Students participate in an interview with faculty to assess his or her academic and professional readiness to enter the Social Work Program and participate in practicum. Admission to the BSW program is based on:  

    1. Successful completion of the application materials as listed above;
    2. Beginning competence in client-centered communication and interviewing skills;
    3. Demonstration of professional behaviors and interactions with peers, faculty, and staff; and
    4. The professional judgment of Social Work Faculty.

     The Admission Committee reserves the right to request additional information if necessary.

    2020 Application for BSW Degree Program and Senior Field Practicum will be posted in October 2019

    *The School of Social Work will notify applicants of their admission status by the beginning of the Holiday Break in December.

Course Requirements for Full Admission

To apply for full admission to the Social Work Program, students must have completed the following requirements with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher prior to entering practicum.

  • General Education Requirements
    Oral Communication
    • Choose One: COMM A111, A235, A237, or A241
    3 Credits
    Written Communication
    • ENGL A111
    • and choose one: ENGL A211, A212, A213, A214, A311, A312, A414
    6 Credits
    Quantitative Skills
    • Choose One: MATH A151, A121, A152, A155, or STAT A252
    *Note: STAT A252 is highly recommended for students wishing to pursue MSW
    3 Credits
    Humanities 3 Credits
    Fine Arts
    3 Credits
    Social Sciences
    • SOC A101
    • PSY A150
    *Note: SOC A101 and PSY A150 are required for the BSW degree
    6 Credits
    Natural Sciences (two courses and a lab)
    • Choose one: BIOL A102, A108 ,A111, or A112
    • View the current GER list to select a second Natural Science course
    • Lab for either science course selected 
    7 Credits
    TOTAL 34 Credits
  • Liberal Arts Foundations Courses

    Choose one of each:

    ANTH A200 or A202 3 Credits
    BA A151, ECON A201, or ECON A202 3 Credits
    ENGL A120 or PHIL A101, A201, A301, or A421 3 Credits
    TOTAL 9 Credits
  • Social Work (SWK) Course Requirements
    SWK A106: Introduction to Social Welfare 3 Credits
    SWK A206: Introduction to Social Work 3 Credits
    SWK A243: Cultural Diversity & Community Service Learning 3 Credits
    SWK A330: Social Work Practice with Individuals 4 Credits
    SWK A342: Human Behavior in the Social Environment 3 Credits
    SWK A424: Social Work Research 3 Credits
    SWK A430: Social Work Practice with Families and Groups 3 Credits
    SWK A481: Case Management in Social Work Practice 3 Credits
    SWK A482: Writing for Social Work Practice 3 Credits
    TOTAL 28 Credits

BSW Field Education Information

  • BSW Field Education Information

    Field Practicum placements may become competitive if the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces. The program and agencies also reserve the right to refuse and/or terminate students who do not meet a minimum standard of performance. Thus, while the School of Social Work makes every effort to find appropriate field placements for students, admittance to the BSW program does not guarantee acceptance by cooperating social services agencies.

    Note*:The BSW program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Graduation Requirements

Please review the current degree planning worksheet. This document provides a list of required courses for the Social Work degree in a checklist format.

  • Important Requirement Information


    All upper division courses with a Social Work subject code (SWK) must be completed within seven (7) years prior to graduation.


    Students in the Social Work program must earn a grade of C or better in the required liberal arts and the required social work courses. Adherence to the Code of Ethics established by the National Association of Social Workers is required.

    *Deadlines to apply for Graduation and instructions can be found here

  • Course Requirements for Graduation
    1. General Education Requirements

    You can view the details of these requirements in the Admissions Requirements section of this site.

    34 Credits
    2. Liberal Arts Foundation Courses

    You can view the details of these requirements in the Admissions Requirements sections of this site.

    9 Credits
    3. Core Courses for Major

    • SWK A106: Introduction to Social Welfare 
    • SWK A206: Introduction to Social Work 
    • SWK A243: Cultural Diversity &Community Service Learning 
    • SWK A330: Social Work Practice w/ Individuals
    • SWK A331: Social Work Practice w/ Organizations & Communities
    • SWK A342: Human Behavior in the Social Environment 
    • SWK A406: Social Welfare: Policies & Issues (capstone) 
    • SWK A424: Social Work Research 
    • SWK A429: Trauma & Crisis Intervention in Social Work Practice 
    • SWK A430: Social Work Practice with Families &Groups 
    • SWK A481: Case Management in Social Work Practice
    • SWK A482: Writing for Social Work Practice
    • SWK A495A: Social Work Practicum I
    • SWK A495B: Social Work Practicum II 
    • Upper Division Social Work Electives (9 credits)
    52 Credits
    4. General Electives
    Note: It is recommended that students take one or two 3-credit electives each semester to bring total credits to 120

    at least 25 Credits
    A total of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 must be upper-division 120 Credits

Departmental Honors in Social Work

  • Departmental Honors Information

    The Bachelor of Social Work Program recognizes exceptional performance by conferring Departmental Honors in Social Work. The award is noted on the student's permanent transcript.

    In order to receive Honors in Social Work, a student must meet each of the following requirements:

    1. Complete all requirements for the BSW degree. A minimum of 30 credits applicable to the BSW degree must be completed at UAA.
    2. Have a GPA of 3.75 or higher in upper division (300- and 400-level) Social Work courses.
    3. Completion of:
      • SWK A498 Social Work Senior Honors Research Project and
      • One course in Applied Statistics with a grade of C or better
    4. Notify the BSW Program Coordinator in writing, on or before the date of submitting the Application for Graduation with the Office of the Registrar, of the intent to graduate with Departmental Honors. 

    *Note to BSW students that are interested in the MSW program:

    Successful completion of Departmental Honors in Social Work in the UAA BSW Program earns the right to waive a regular review of an admission packet to the foundation curriculum of the Master of Social Work Program. Students are responsible for completing a UAA Graduate Application for Admission and a program application for admission to the MSW Program. The application packet should be submitted to the MSW Admissions Committee by the application deadline of January 15th, with request to waive the regular review process. Admission to the full program will be granted if the applicant meets all of the requirements for departmental honors. Students interested in waiving the foundation curriculum must apply for advanced standing with a full review.

    If you have further questions or would like to explore the option to obtain Departmental Honors in Social Work, please contact our office at 907-786-6900 and request an appointment with a faculty advisor.