Frequently Asked Questions About the BSW Program

1. What is the purpose of Social Work and how will a BSW degree prepare me for this profession?

The purpose of Social Work is to assist individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and society as a whole in improving the quality of life. Toward this client-centered commitment, the BSW program enables students to attain the knowledge, skills, and values on which professional practice as a social work generalist is based. Students are well prepared for entry-level, client-centered, generalist social work practice.

2. Can I apply for full admission to the BSW program if I have not completed all of the required courses by the application deadline?

Yes, Most students do not have all of the required courses completed at the time of application. In this event, you may be admitted conditionally, and will be required to complete those courses with a C or better prior to the fall semester that your practicum will begin. We highly recommend meeting with your advisor at least once a semester. This will ensure that you know where you stand in the program.