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School SWK Specialization

Students who complete the Specialization in School Social Work will be prepared to provide exceptional MSW-level school social work services to the diverse children, youth, families, teachers, schools, and communities in both rural and urban Alaska.  All of the courses offered in the Specialization will be delivered via distance education, so the courses will be available to social workers practicing in communities across Alaska.

Purpose: To prepare MSW-level social workers to provide school social work services in rural and urban school districts.  Students who complete the Specialization in School Social Work at UAA will have met the content area requirements for Type C Certification with an endorsement in School Social Work from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.  Please see the DEED website for additional requirements for the Type C Certificate.


Participants of the Specialization in School Social Work must be either:

A student in good standing in the MSW program at the University of Alaska Anchorage


Have an MSW degree from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Application Process

  • The Specialization in School Social Work is open to current UAA MSW Social Work students in good standing, as well as MSW graduates from a CSWE accredited school of social work. 
  • All students participating in the School Social Work Specialization must meet with the Specialization Coordinator to develop a course of study plan. 
  • When the student has met all of the specialization requirements, including coursework and school social work experience, the student will complete an Application for the Specialization in School Social Work, which must include official university transcripts and documentation of school social work experience. 
  • Students who have completed the Specialization and desire Type C Certification from DEED must submit an Institutional Recommendation Form to the UAA School of Social Work.  The form will be returned to the student, who will then submit the completed form to DEED with the completed Type C Certification Application (see below).
  • School Social Work Application - print and mail completed application to the UAA School of Social Work.

Curriculum Requirements for the Specialization in School Social Work:

  • 3 graduate semester hours of school social work – 3 credits (ex: SWK A 685 Social Work Services in Schools)
  • 3 semester hours of approved education coursework

Examples: EDSE A624 Social Emotional Development, Assessment and Intervention -   Only available to students who are currently in a school social work field   placement or who are employed in a school. EDSE A632 Special Education Law: Principles and Practices EDSE A674 Family Partnerships in Early Childhood Special Education
EDSE A681 Issues in Early Childhood Special Education EDSE A690 Positive Behavior Support  

Type C Certification in School Social Work:

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development grants Type C Certification for School Social Workers.  A Type C Special Services Certificate from DEED is required to practice as a school social worker in Alaska.

For more information about the Type C Special Services Certificate, go to   

Type C Services Certificate Requirements:

  • Completion of a program in a special service area (Specialization in School Social Work)
  • MSW degree from a CSWE accredited school of social work
  • Recommendation of the preparing institution (UAA School of Social Work)
  • Six semester hours or nine (9) quarter hours of credit taken within the past five years
  • Three (3) semester hours of approved Alaska studies and three (3) semester hours of multicultural education/cross-cultural communications
  • Complete application packet (,which includes a signed and notarized application, an institutional recommendation form, official transcripts, two sets of completed fingerprint cards, and all fees. (All fees are non-refundable.)

For more information, please contact faculty advisor Professor Mary Dallas Allen at (907) 786–6992 or