University of Alaska Anchorage

An Alaska Native Elder is someone who...

"Leads community Youth look up to Takes care of their grandchildren Listens to people Observes and learns Never quits learning Takes care of themselves Shares what life was like 40 years ago Has young people talk to them Lives day to day Does not think about growing old Listens to who they are and Treats their mind and body with respect Believes in themselves Makes wise decisions Engages as a leader and mentor Helps make the community safe and better place to live Understands what life is Believes in their children and their children’s children “Your life journey begins when you’re a young child. And we just continue one step forward and one day as a child, when you take your first step forward, one day when you wake up, you’ll be taking your first step as an Elder.”

Elder, Shaktoolik, March 2018

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