What's the best way to get advising help?

Our advising team in the Student Success Center often gets asked about how to connect with an advisor. Do I schedule an appointment? Do I wait for a virtual ‘walk-in’ session? Email or call the advisor directly? It really depends on what you need.  

In-depth advising appointments: Students who want a full overview of an academic program, want to develop an academic plan, or have specialized needs like completing an academic or policy petition, change of major form, or SAP appeal, should book a scheduled one-on-one appointment with their assigned advisor. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments to meet with advisors as far ahead of time as possible. Learn more about how to schedule a one-on-one appointment with an advisor. 

Quick answers to your questions: Virtual ‘walk-in’ times—otherwise called call-backs—are scheduled throughout the year, typically during peak advising times. They are designed to be quick advising interactions that solve a student's immediate needs such as troubleshooting registration barriers, answering quick questions that may require referrals to other departments, or clarifying next steps. We limit these times to no more than 15 or 20 minutes to get to as many students as possible. For virtual walk-ins, call the Student Success Center at 786-1318 or email us uaa_healthadvising@alaska.edu

Try contacting our front desk first! Advisors do answer emails and phone calls, but students often do not receive an immediate response, especially during peak advising times. Our front desk can be a great resource to assist students. Our front desk phone and email are monitored Monday through Friday from 8-5pm.