Are you ready for registration?

Every year, the College of Health has over 2000 students registering for courses. Are you ready to be one of them? Review our checklist for next steps.  

  • Decide which classes you plan to take. Complete course planning with your academic advisor. Schedule your appointment by contacting your academic advisors. Almost all pre-majors meet with either a First Year Advisor or a College of Health advisor. You can see your assigned advisor in Degreeworks, or contact the COH Student Success Center at 786-1318 or

  • Review course options. The schedule is viewable on UAOnline two weeks before registration each term. This is a great time to plan out your classes. We anticipate that UAA will have more in-person course options as the university starts to shift back our pre-COVID course offerings. Make sure you are taking note of course locations when selecting courses.

  • Check course prerequisites. Advisors can resolve some registration errors advisors. Others we cannot, as they are dictated by academic departments. See the "Common Registration Errors" section below to figure out what some of them mean!

  • Check registration eligibility. Check for any registration holds or other barriers that might prevent registration. You can ‘Check Your Registration Eligibility’ in UAOnline.

  • Confirm which day you can register. The Student Success Center often gets calls and emails from students on the first day of registration indicating that they can’t register. Almost always, it’s because it’s too early. You can check how many credits you have completed and are in progress in Degreeworks. Undergraduate students start registering the week of Nov. 8—learn more on the Office of the Registrar’s Dates and Deadlines page.

  • Register for classes. We encourage you to register as early as possible. You have some time to determine if you want to add/drop classes (view dates and deadlines here).


Common Registration Errors

Corequisite Error: A coreq error means you have to sign up for two classes at the same time. It almost always occurs when you are not registering for a lecture and lab at the same time. The most frequent issue is coreq errors on BIOL A111 Human Anatomy and Physiology. You need to make sure that you are selecting BIOL A111 and BIOL A111L at the same time.

Prerequisite Error: Sometimes it can be something related to changes in course (i.e. you may have ENGL A111 and it is now WRTG A111 or you took MATH A107 and it’s now MATH A151). If this is the case, you’ll need a manual override from an advisor. Other times it is a transfer course issue when courses don’t exactly match up to UAA equivalents. Prerequisites are set by the department so in some situations, if you haven’t met the prerequisite for the course, you won’t be able to take the course.  

Department Approval: Department approval errors are set--as the title suggests--by the department. Most often, there are specialized requirements to receive department approval such as formal acceptance into a full-major program or department forms or documents. Advisors will either explain what a student needs to do to be eligible to register or a student will almost always be referred to the department for a manual approval.

Faculty Approval: Faculty approval only applies the week after the semester starts. This really just means that the semester has already started and it’s up to the faculty to determine whether they feel you can be successful in the course based on what you may or may not have missed.