Air Force ROTC Academics

Program Overview

Air Force ROTC consists of an academic class as well as a Leadership Laboratory. These courses are required for college students who are seeking a commission as a 2d Lieutenant in the United States Air Force or Space Force through the ROTC program. Students may take the academic classes only, but may require prerequisites or faculty permission.

ROTC academic courses consist of:

  • The history, organization & mission of the Department of the Air Force
  • Leadership & Management
  • National Security Affairs / Preparation for Active Duty

Leadership Lab (AIRS 150) consists of Practical Military Training such as:

  • Base visits
  • 2 hours/week of physical fitness training
  • Marching
  • Leadership / followership training & evaluation
  • Team building

To become an Air Force or Space Force Officer through Air Force ROTC, a student must, at a minimum:

  • Complete one of the current programs offered under Air Force ROTC
  • Successfully complete summer leadership training encampment
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in any major from UAA

Upon graduation and commissioning, new lieutenants must serve a minimum of four years in the Air Force or Space Force.

Students can receive a minor in National Defense, Strategic Studies and Leadership: Air Force Emphasis, however they must complete the declaration of a minor form on the UAA website.