Air Force ROTC Academics

Program Overview

Air Force ROTC consists of an academic class as well as a Leadership Laboratory. These courses are required for college students who are seeking a commission as a 2d Lieutenant in the United States Air Force through the ROTC program. Students may take the academic classes only, but may require prerequisites or faculty permission.

ROTC academic courses consist of:

  • The history, organization & mission of the US Air Force
  • Leadership & Management
  • National Security Affairs / Preparation for Active Duty

Leadership Lab (AIRS 150) consists of Practical Military Training such as:

  • Base visits
  • 2 hours/week of physical fitness training
  • Marching
  • Leadership / followership training & evaluation
  • Team building

To become an Air Force Officer through Air Force ROTC, a student must, at a minimum:

  • Complete one of the current programs offered under Air Force ROTC
  • Successfully complete summer leadership training encampment
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in any major from UAA

Upon graduation and commissioning, new lieutenants must serve a minimum of four years in the Air Force.

Students can receive a minor in National Defense, Strategic Studies and Leadership: Air Force Emphasis, however they must complete the declaration of a minor form on the UAA website.