Cadet Activities

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is Cadet Command's version of the Army's Best Ranger Competition. Ranger Challenge is a physically and mentally demanding competition between teams from different Army ROTC units across the nation. During the competition cadets conduct a series of written and physical tests as well as tactical exercises to determine the best team.

Color Guard

The UAA Army ROTC Color Guard is a team that is responsible for the protection, care, and display of the unit's colors. Depending on the event size and Color Guard composition, a number of different flags can be presented at any time. Flags commonly displayed are those of the United States, the Alaska State flag, the Army flag, the Cadet Command flag, and the local Army ROTC unit flag. UAA's Color Guard conducts events at many UAA athletic events and community events such as Alaska Aces games.


UAA Army ROTC is a member of the UAA Student Clubs and Organizations. The Seawolf Cadet Club is open to all UAA students and is a great opportunity to get involved in the program if a student's schedule conflicts with Army ROTC classes.


Cadets from around the country are given the opportunity to train and lead soldiers from active duty units. This training occurs after the Jr year during the summer break and lasts between 21-32 days. Cadets can be stationed at numerous Army installations such as: Korea, Fort Riley, Fort Lewis, and Fort Hood.