Cadet Forms

The links below are a resource to assist Army ROTC cadets with their training and academic work.

CC Form 104-R - Cadet command form is used to visualize and plan the past, current, and future academic semesters to ensure the cadet graduates with their degree in the correct time frame.  

How to fill out the 104-R - Helpful document that shows cadets and prospective cadets how to fill out the CC 104-R academic planning worksheet; reference and follow this document if you are unsure of how to fill out your 104-R.

CC Form 136-R - Agreement memorandum defining medical coverage for contracted cadets and the limitations of coverage while the cadet is in an off-duty status.

CC Form 137-R - Student records release form that allows cadre to track a cadet's progress and ensure that they will graduate in the proper amount of time.

CC Form 139-R-E - Cadet academic records form. Required for cadets to contract through ROTC.

DA Form 3425 - Medical fitness release form, used to clear Cadets in order to allow them to perform physical fitness training with ROTC.

DD Form 2005 - Medical information release, used to obtain medical care for Cadets from a Military Treatment Facility.