Army ROTC Academics

Program Overview

The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program is America’s primary officer training program. Army ROTC, in a cooperative effort by the United States Army and UAA, educates, trains and prepares students to serve as officers in the Regular Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Army ROTC has two-, three- and four-year programs that lead to a commission as a second lieutenant. Army ROTC is divided into a basic course of study for freshmen and sophomores and the advanced course of study for juniors and seniors. Programs and courses can be adjusted to meet specific needs of individual students who desire to enroll but are past their freshmen year. Prior to completing Army ROTC, students may receive a minor in National Defense, Strategic Studies and Leadership: Army Emphasis. The courses focus on military history, Army force structure, leadership, time and stress management, decision making through academic instruction, and operations in the contemporary operating environment. Non-contracted students may take the 100- and 200-level academic courses without incurring a military obligation. However, only contracted cadets may take MILS A302, MILS A401 and MILS A402.

The leadership and physical training laboratory provides practical military training. Activities include staff rides to Army bases, physical fitness training, conducting drill and ceremony, and leadership exercises. To attend the leadership laboratory, UAA students must not have a medical condition that would preclude service in the Armed Forces.

To become an officer through Army ROTC, a student must, at a minimum, complete the two-year program (300- and 400-level courses plus leadership laboratory), the U.S. Army Cadet Leader Course, and earn a baccalaureate degree in any major from UAA. Upon graduation and commissioning, new lieutenants must serve eight years in the regular Army, Army Reserves, and/or Army National Guard.

In order to receive a minor in National Defense, Strategic Studies, and Leadership: Army Emphasis, students must complete the declaration of a minor form on the UAA website.

Three hours of mandatory Physical Training (PT) and a two-hour leadership lab are required each week. Times and location of PT sessions to be announced.