UAA Air traffic control

The air traffic control program produces graduates prepared for entry into the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy.


Careers Available

Filler photoAir Traffic Controller

Filler photoTower Operator

UAA has no restrictions on age or physical condition of students to participate in the degree program. However, students desiring employment with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should be aware of employment requirements:

  • Medical Certificate is required as depicted in FAR 65.49 and 67 Subpart C.
  • Thirty-year-old maximum age restriction for students anticipating employment in terminal or enroute options.
  • For employment considerations with the FAA, students must receive a PASS score on the Air Traffic-Selection and Training (ATSAT) examination administered by the FAA. The examination provides a systematic process for continued enhancement of air traffic selection and training by testing candidates for recognition and cognitive skills required in the air traffic specialty and to identify the “composite controller.” 

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