Mechanic Helper Education Program (MHEP)

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Welcome to the UAA Mechanic Helper Education Program!  In coordination with the Alaska Air Carriers Association, UAA has developed the following online modules designed to assist you in gaining the knowledge required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to successfully complete testing to earn an FAA Mechanic Certificate with an airframe and/or powerplant rating.  

This program is separate from UAA's Part 147 aviation maintenance technician school, and is designed as a resource for individuals working toward FAA certification through on-the-job training.

Each module provides information on principles, fundamentals and technical procedures in specific subjects and is intended to help develop a deeper understanding of the skills you are performing through your employment experience.  Content for each course follows the appropriate FAA-H-8083-XX Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook series which is available online and in Reference Materials in the left-hand menu in Blackboard.


  • List of Courses Available


    Course Options


    Aircraft Weight & Balance (3 hours)

    Ice and Rain Protection (2 Hours)

    Mathematics in Aviation Maintenance (1 Hour)

    Hand Tools and Measuring Devices  (1 Hour)

    Regulations, Maintenance Forms, Records, and Publications (2 Hours)

    Fundamentals of Aircraft Reciprocating Engines  (2 Hours)

    Physics for Aviation (2 Hours) 

    Fundamentals of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines (2 hours)

    Physics - Aircraft Theory of Flight (1 Hour)

    Safety, Ground Operations, and Servicing  (2 hours)

    Physics - Helicopter Aerodynamics (1 Hour)

    Propellers  (3 Hours)

    Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics (3 Hours)

    Aircraft Landing Gear Systems - Wheels, Brakes and Tires (3 Hours)

    Aircraft Landing Gear Systems (2 Hours)

     Cleaning and Corrosion Control (1 Hour)

     Hours listed for each module indicate estimated time to completion.  Introductory pricing for modules in this program is based on estimated hours of completion, at a rate of $25 per hour.  

If you need assistance with the registration process, please contact Wade Weiss at  

If you are interested in pursuing your A&P certification through an apprenticeship program, please contact Bill Blanas, UAA's Apprenticeship Coordinator, at 907-786-6478 or


Because some of the presentation files are fairly large, it is recommended that high speed/broadband internet connection be used when available.  See UAA's online class technology requirements for more information.