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UAA Flight Training Costs

Fees Per Course

UAA Flight Operations recommends budgeting for at least 10-15% over minimum course costs listed here.  This page shows a breakdown of estimated flight fees, but does not include the cost of tuition.  (See Aviation Program Costs for program estimates).  

Required Courses Flight Fees Flight Hours
Private (C172 or DA-20) $12,440 50
Instrument $13,100 50
Commercial I $5,078 21.5
Commercial II $7,623 33
Commercial III $7,966 34.5
Multi-Engine (MEL)  $7,423 15




Optional Courses    
CFI $6,550 25
Add-On Rating- CFII $4,700 15

Add-On Rating - MEI


Note to prospective students:

The costs listed above are based on flight and ground lesson hours built into the syllabus for each course.  Every student learns at a different pace, and many factors can affect the rate at which students attain proficiency.  If a student needs additional training hours (more than what is listed in the syllabus), costs will exceed the projections above.   

Aircraft/Instructor Costs

Description Rate
Instructor Rate $55/hr
Diamond DA-20 $185/hr
C172 $185/hr
C172 RG $185/hr
Tecnam (twin-engine)  $350/hr
Comanche (twin-engine)   $350/hr
Redbird Simulator(s)  $48/hr

Additional Costs May Include:

  • Checkrides (est. $1,250 each)
  • Flight Bag 
  • Charts 
  • Headset