BS, Applied Technologies Leadership

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Technologies Leadership (BSATL)* makes it possible for students to design a program of study which complements their technical proficiencies.

The general program builds on technical skills and knowledge to achieve professional and management competencies needed over a lifetime in continuously changing technological fields.

The BSATL Business emphasis offers students a focused program of study drawing required courses from economics and accounting and incorporating selected courses from Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, or Logistics. While the emphasis requires a minimum of nine additional credits, the Business emphasis allows students to pursue more depth in their business skills.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Technologies Leadership (BSATL) is a student-centered program that prepares students for leadership positions in technical fields. The program allows students to design a program of study that complements their technical proficiencies. Students entering the program come from many disciplines and have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree (or a minimum of 45 related technical specialty credits) from a regionally accredited institution. This degree is appropriate for graduates of applied science and similar programs at other institutions, as well as a wide array of industrial technology professionals and military students with the required credits in their career field.

Students complete a common core of advanced professional, communication and quantitative skills and then work with a faculty advisor to design a meaningful study plan with upper-division coursework appropriate to advance in their discipline. Students use this coursework to explore and prepare for their future, collect artifacts from their experience, and synthesize their learning through a capstone experience and electronic portfolio.

*formerly the Bachelor of Science, Technology