Fall 2019 Courses

COMM 120: Introduction to Human Communication

Introduction to Human Communication is an excellent option for students who would like to understand how communication impacts our culture. This survey course explores the role of communication in our interpersonal, group, social and business lives. We will move quickly from topic to topic while exploring theoretical concepts and applying what we learn in interactive activities. By the end of the semester students will better understand appropriate and effective communication across a variety of contexts. This course is an excellent segue to additional courses offered by the Communication Department.

COMM 310: Democracy, Deliberation, and Communication

New class offering this Fall 2019! The Department of Communication is excited to announce a brand new class: Democracy, Deliberation, and Communication (COMM 310). Don’t let the term “democracy” scare you--this class isn't going to be focus on politics, but rather the processes we use to help our communities make decisions. The class will cover dialogue and deliberation principles and provide students with an opportunity to learn facilitation techniques. This is an excellent class for working professionals and students in a wide range of majors. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to Professor Olson with questions: maschirack@alaska.edu.

COMM 345: Gender and Communication

COMM 345, Gender & Communication, is another new offering in the Department of Communication. Previously titled “Women and Communication,” this class has been updated to include modern understandings of how gender impacts our interactions. Through discussion, written assignments, and presentations we will explore the concept of “gender” in human interaction. We will examine theories of gender in the context of language, self-perception, nonverbal communication, and more!