Baking & Pastry Arts Occupational Endorsement Certificate

Chef Puff giving a demonstration


The Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) in Baking & Pastry Arts prepares students for entry-level baking positions within the hospitality and tourism industry. Students can advance in career opportunities because of their formal training and education. Career possibilities available to graduates of the baking and pastry arts program include positions in restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and institutions.

The Baking & Pastry Arts OEC can be completed in 2 semesters. 

Prerequisites: Must place into or above MATH A055 and WRTG A111. 

Certificate Requirements

  • CA A101 Hospitality Industry: Careers 2 credits

    Offered in Fall & Spring

    Explores career opportunities in the hospitality industry and examines emerging labor trends.

  • CA A104 Sanitation 2 credits

    Offered in Fall & Spring

    This course focuses on sanitation principles, concepts, methods, codes and regulations current to the foodservice industry. All students take the mandatory ServSafe Food Protection Manager national exam certification. Students are required to have their ServSafe before moving into the primary labratories. 

  • CA A107 Procurement & Cost Control 3 credits

    This course focuses on critical control points in the foodservice cost control cycle. Prepares student to analyze costs and make foodservice operation decisions. Examines foodservice industry procurement practices and standards.

  • CA A111 Bakery Skills Development 4 credits

    Offered in Fall & Spring

    Introduces and provides students with a comprehensive theoretical and practical foundation in commercial baking practices.
    Registration Restrictions: Must have current ServSafe certification by course start date

  • CA A202 Advanced Baking 4 credits

    Explores advanced bakery, pastry, confectionary and presentation techniques in a commercial bakery environment. Emphasizes production processes, service, portion controls, safety and sanitation in a commercial bakery.

  • Intensive Courses

    These courses are short intensives

    Course Semester Offered

    CA A 130 Basic & Classic Cakes (1)

    Introduces the basics of traditional cake making and decorating using buttercream icing(s).

    Fall Only

    CA A120 Artisan Breads (1)

    Introduces the principles and techniques used in the preparation of yeast leavened doughs emphasizing on the production and evaluation of the baked products.

    Fall Only

    CA A235 Specialty Cakes (1)

    Explores a variety of cakes and methods of decoration utilizing differing mediums. Emphasizes design and construction of a centerpiece cake.

    Spring Only

    CA 125 Baking with Alternative Ingredients (1)

    Introduces alternate ingredient options used in baking to accommodate special dietary needs.

    Spring Only

  Total of 19 credits required for certificate.

Estimated Cost of Baking & Pastry OEC

Tuition Student Lab Fees Estimated Total
$4,446 $1,240


*Costs estimations are subject to change due to unknown conditions and variables.  Estimations include the price of resident tuition and student lab fees for the 2021-2022 school year. Cost of books, UAA associated feesand housing/meal plans are not included here.