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Culinary Arts Collage


Become a Certified Culinarian!

The AAS Culinary Arts at UAA is a cutting-edge program accredited by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) that introduces you to seasoned professionals, the hottest trends, and constantly-evolving curriculum to reflect the rapid-fire changes in our industry. Students in this program learn how to write recipes, shop for ingredients, stay within an acceptable food cost percentage, and sell final product. Upon successful completion of the AAS Culinary Arts degree, students will be ACF certified culinarians. 

We also offer specialized classes for those interested in rounding out their culinary education. Our recipe for success includes intensives on writing business proposals for your bar, bakery, or restaurant idea; an entire class devoted to beer, wine, and mixology; catering management for those interested in culinary flexibility; and excellent, hands-on experiences in both the commercial kitchen and bakery. For those interested in front-of-the-house careers, UAA Culinary Arts has its own restaurant, Lucy's, which is completely student-run. 

Students in the AAS Culinary Arts program have a unique opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy at FUA APICIUS: International School of Hospitality. Upon completion of core and laboratory courses, students may elect to attend a semester abroad to fulfill their elective requirements.

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  • American Culinary Federation Accredidation

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    A culinary school that boasts an American Culinary Federation accreditation, like the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program at UAA, comes with a higher level of prestige. Students who graduate from a recognized ACF program are usually considered more marketable from an employment viewpoint, and are more likely to work among peers of similar stature. Attending an accredited culinary school ensures that the program and curriculum meets exemplary standards of culinary education. After completing the AAS degree in Culinary Arts at UAA, graduates will automatically be designated "Certified Culinarians" by the ACF, opening doors and providing professional employment opportunities at graduation.


    American Culinary Federation Accredidation Data

  • Study Abroad 

    Study Abroad 

    Students admitted to the AAS Culinary Arts program have an opportunity to attend a semester abroad at APICIUS in Florence, Italy! Approved courses will be used to fulfill the elective requirements in the degree program. 

    1. Completed all general education courses (12 credits)
    2. Completed all culinary core courses 
    3. Completed all kitchen and bakery labs
    4. Students must have a 3.0 GPA


    Study Abroad Process and Information

  • Culinary Arts Scholarships


    Our program offers several scholarship opportunities that can help offset the cost of coming to culinary school. The scholarship application period is October 1st to February 15th. Scholarships are applied to the following academic year. 

    • UAA Culinary Arts and Hospitality Administration Scholarship
    • Sue Linford Culinary Arts and Hospitality Scholarship
    • UAA Dean Radcliffe Scholarship


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