Hospitality & Restaurant Management

The Hospitality & Restaurant Management program produces graduates who are not only prepared for entry-level work positions in the rapidly expanding and varied foodservice, hospitality, and tourism industry but also who can confidently advance to middle- and upper-level management opportunities because of their formal training and education.

Program Overview

The Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Restaurant Management Division offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in hospitality and restaurant management. This program offers students the opportunity to acquire the business management skills and hospitality finesse needed to develop a career in the expanding hotel and restaurant industry. An array of career possibilities is available to graduates in the areas of professional management in restaurants, hotels, resorts, hospitals, institutions, conferencing and catering and recreation management.

The bachelor’s degree generally takes four to five years of study to complete. Through an agreement with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and Northern Arizona University (NAU), students seeking the bachelor’s degree are required to complete two semesters of hospitality/hotel/restaurant management studies at either UNLV or NAU, either on their campus or online.  Students can also complete a nutrition emphasis study area at UAA.

The capstone experience for the bachelor’s degree is a 600-hour Alaska internship offered through UAA and designed to provide direct hands-on hotel and restaurant operations management experience during the fifth year of study. Arranged by the department, internships are paid work experiences at an approved hotel/restaurant site.