Center for Language Learning

Sally Monserud Hall, Room 101


Check the hours for each language by calling 907.786.6016 or 907.786.4355 


Center for Language LearningOverview

The Department of Languages provides academic support in the Center for Language Learning for all UAA students enrolled in language classes.

The primary function of the center is to increase the language proficiency of these students by providing a variety of learning tools, including tutoring and computers with language programs.


Tutoring in the Center for Language Learning is offered on a walk-in basis. Students are encouraged to come in for personal or group help with bookwork, studies, or speech. Tutors from each supported language are selected and scheduled by the Department of Languages based on student need and use. Please check the schedule of your tutor(s) as tutoring hours and language availability changes throughout each semester.

Current language tutor schedules are posted in the center. Tutoring is available for the following languages:

Note: English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring is not part of the services offered by the Center for Language Learning. Multilingual students are welcome to visit the Writing Center for assistance with their English language assignments.