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Summer 2018:

Mondays through Thursdays

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays


Holiday Closure

July 4th through 6th

Last day of summer operation

Friday, Aug. 3rd

Writing Center consultation check-in ends 30 minutes before closing.

Resources for Students

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Writing CenterOverview

The Writing Center exists as a teaching and learning space for UAA students. The center promotes the use of academic writing in all disciplines as a tool for learning, communicating, self-expression and critical thinking. Students are the primary focus of our work, both the students who deliver the consultations and those who receive it.

The Writing Center consultations complement course-based learning and help contribute to student success. We strive to work closely with students, faculty and administrators to help students become capable, successful writers.

Writing Center Consultations

Writing Center consultants work with students at all levels to help improve and integrate their reading and writing skills into regular study habits through one-on-one discussions of their work. The goal is students’ long-term improvement in their work.

Additionally, the Writing Center serves students for whom English is a second, or even third or fourth, language. Such students come from many departments at UAA and all are welcome to use our services. Because English is structurally different than many of the languages of the world, we understand the challenges that students face when writing academically.

Writing consultations can be a useful resource at any point in the writing process from brainstorming ideas before a paper is written, to looking over a written document. The Writing Center consultants also offer assistance in understanding and using APA, MLA, and Chicago Style formats.


UAA Policies

Our writing consultants comply with the following:

UAA academic honesty and integrity policies 

Academic integrity tutorial and quiz completion

UAA plagiarism guidelines

We encourage all students to review the Consortium Library's student resources page. We are excited to play a role in student success!



Citation Seminars

Have questions on MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations? Bring your work to the Learning Commons study area (SMH116) and leave with examples you know how to repeat. Each seminar will feature a 20-minute instructional presentation, followed by a 40-minute workshop.

Bring something you are currently working on, and the means to write up your citations: pencils & paper, laptops, crayons & napkins--whatever works for you! You can also check out laptops from the Info Desk, or participate from the open computer lab.

Note: We will post when our next seminars are scheduled as soon as we know.


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