Faculty and Staff Directory


  • Tom Harman, Department Chair

    Tom Harman

    Chair, Professor
    (907) 786-6852
    SSB 154-F

  • Debra Crawford
     A photo of Deb Crawford in her office

    Debra Crawford

    (907) 786-6853
    SSB 154-L

    Teaching and travel are my two passions.  I’ve been involved in education in a variety of forms since 1981, first as an interpretive naturalist with the Forest Service, then with cruise ships traveling through Southeast Alaska and with Lazy Otter Charters in Prince William Sound. During that time, I was also a high school science teacher for 16 years.  I’ve been a math instructor at UAA since 2013.  When I’m not teaching, I like to travel, either throughout the lower 48 or to polar regions like the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, the Antarctic Peninsula, Norway and Iceland.

  • Carolyn Fautanu
    Photo of Carolyn Fautanu sitting on a bench with a flower behind her left ear

    Carolyn Fautanu

    Assistant Professor
    (907) 786-6880
    SSB 158-G

    Carolyn Fautanu is a Mathematics Instructor with the Community and Technical College of the University of Alaska, Anchorage. A wife and mother of three, Carolyn enjoys the outdoors, travelling with her family, gardening, music, reading, and playing sports.

  • Chris Gardiner

    Chris Gardiner

    Assistant Professor 
    (907) 786-4389
    SSB 158-F

  • Megan Gobeille

    Megan Gobeille

    Assistant Professor
    (907) 786-6159
    SSB 154-E

    Megan Gobeille is an enthusiastic lover of mathematics and teaching. She grew up in Chugiak, Alaska and lives there still with her two young kids, husband, and dog. A nerd at heart, she enjoys music, hiking, math, and learning new things.

  • Franklin Harris
    Franklin Harris sitting on top of a desk

    Franklin Harris

    Assistant Professor
    (907) 786-6210
    SSB 154-B

    I enjoy supporting students as they strengthen their foundational math skills while in pursuit of higher education. I’m also committed to mentoring youth as a member of several non profit organizations. I love traveling with family, trying new things, listening to jazz music and working out.

  • Terri Manthey
    A photo of Terri Manthey with a pink streak in her hair

    Terri Manthey

    (907) 786-4924
    SSB 154-J

    Terri Manthey is an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Studies specializing in statistics and applied mathematics. She is committed to working on the correct pathways for students and open-educational resources. As the mother of triplets who have recently graduated from college themselves, she understands the challenges of college students of the 21st century. 

  • Aaron Richard

    Aaron Richard

    (907) 786-6882
    SSB 158-C