Welding student

The Welding & Nondestructive Testing program prepares graduates for careers as entry level welders, installers, and nondestructive testing examiners across a wide variety of industries.

The UAA Welding facility is an authorized Accredited Testing Facility under the American Welding Society (AWS).

ATF Accredited Test Facility






Careers Available


Sheet Metal WorkersSheet Metal Workers

Non destructive testing specialistNon-Destructive Testing Specialist



Important News

Tuition for courses used in our Welding, Advanced Welding and Non Destructive Testing Occupational Endorsement programs will be reduced by 25 percent for all students. For a lower division course the 2019-20 resident tuition is $223 per credit. There is no reduction to assessed fees, non-resident surcharges or other costs.  For a complete list of eligible courses and programs across the university system contact our Student Success Coach at 907-786-6475.

Registration for classes

We have recently changed the prerequisites for some of the welding courses. If you have tried to register and h received a prerequisite error call
907-786-6475 registration assistance. 

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