Writing Resources

Student Resources

Academic Writing

Six Features of Academic Writing: A Guide for Students, a handout from John Wolfe’s The Morphing Textbook, draws attention to features of academic argumentation. 

Avoiding Bias, a resource from Walden University, provides tips for maintaining objectivity and eliminating bias in academic voice. 

Academic Phrasebank, developed at the University of Manchester, is a general academic writing resource that overviews the “nuts and bolts” of writing.

Citing Sources

Purdue Online Writing Lab includes comprehensive descriptions of the three most commonly used citation styles, APA, MLA, and Chicago. 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library offers a summary of citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and CBE/CSE styles. 

They Say / I Say Templates from Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein’s book They say / I say: The moves that matter in academic writing offer templates for interacting with source material. 


APA Style Blog offers explanation and examples of referencing in APA Style. 


The MLA Style Center includes writing resources from the Modern Language Association. 

A step-by-step MLA formatting guide is a YouTube video from the University of Maryland that overviews formatting Word documents for MLA style. 


Chicago Manual of Style Online is searchable for style questions. 

Tongue and Quill

Tongue and Quill offers a PDF document of how to use the common citation style for the Air Force.

Blue Book

Cornell University LS Introduction to Legal Citation is a basic guide to the legal citation style. 

Punctuation and Grammar

The Punctuation Guide provides a thorough explanation of English punctuation. 

Grammarly Handbook offers simple explanations of English grammar. 

Twelve Common Errors is a University of Wisconsin-Madison guide to polishing.

Grammar Girl is a searchable site that offers written explanations as well as podcasts that address common and obscure issues in English. 

Resources for English Learners

ESL resources at OWL is a collection of resources for students and instructors. 

Glossary of English Grammar Terms gives technical definitions and explanations for English grammar. 

English Grammar Guide explains advanced English grammar topics in detail.

The Basics of English Language offers resources for parts of speech, clauses, verb tense, and vocabulary building.

Advanced English Lessons provides explanations and interactive quizzes on advanced English grammatical structures.

Khan academy: Grammar includes interactive resource offers video tutorials as well as practice activities. 

Plagiarism and Academic Honesty

UAA’s Policy on Academic Integrity overviews academic integrity, academic honesty, the student code of conduct, and how to report academic misconduct. 

Indiana University’s Plagiarism Tutorials and Tests explains plagiarism, provides examples, and offers practice questions. 

University of Wisconsin - Madison Plagiarism Handout offers a concise guide to what information needs to be cited. It also includes articles on how to paraphrase an argument or couch a quote.

Professional Writing

Open Technical Communication is a freely accessible online textbook for technical communication, technical writing, workplace writing, and other related courses.

Resumes and CV’s from OWL at Purdue provides resources for preparing these important job documents.

Workplace Writing from OWL at Purdue provides tips, strategies, and resources for various job documents including cover letters, references, professional emails, and more.

ECU Library Guide for Professional Writing Resources offers handouts to help you write job documents, grants, and other professional writing resources.

Basics of Technical Writing is a handout explaining science and technical writing structure. Good for WRTG 213.