Online Orientation for Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct faculty are important to the mission of University of Alaska Anchorage. The expertise you bring to the classroom provides a rich experience for our students.  Thank you.

This website was designed to help you do your job as an adjunct faculty member. It contains:

  1. Employee onboarding - get hired, get connected, get required training
  2. Preparing to teach - planning & preparation, first day, mid semester, and end of semester
  3. Syllabus Checklist and Student Support Resources (links to Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence)
  4. Perks that UAA offers its adjunct faculty
  5. Policies and procedures at UAA
  6. Resources for adjunct faculty
  7. Safety and emergency information
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  9. Panic Button for emergency phone numbers

Thank you!

Adjunct faculty make a difference every day at UAA. Thank you for making a positive impact on students' lives and learning. You are the true unsung heroes of the university. We hope this site will help you be even more successful.