During Semester

  • How do I deal with plagiarism and academic misconduct?

    The Student Conduct and Academic Integrity website provided by the Dean of Students Office provides guidance on academic integrity matters and a link to a reporting form. The Student Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Review Procedures are covered in the Student Handbook in the catalog.

  • What is IDEA? What's a FIF and why should I complete it?

    IDEA is the online course evaluation tool used by UAA for courses with 11 or more students. The course evaluation provides useful data to the university and to you. Students access the IDEA survey via a link in the Blackboard shell that becomes active at the end of the semester. You have the opportunity to customize the survey to give you specific information on the learning objectives that most apply to your course on the FIF (Faculty Information Form). For more information on IDEA view the Faculty Services IDEA Information.

  • What access do I have to phones, computers, and an office?
    Check with your department contact. Many departments have a shared adjunct office with a computer and phone.
  • How does the WiFi on campus work?

    Wireless networks cover the main campus, University Center, and Eagle River Campus. Current students, staff, and faculty can join the secure network, UAA WiFi - Anchorage, with their UA username and password. Anyone can use the UAA WiFi – Guest wireless network for basic internet access. For more information, go to ITS Networking.

  • What if I must miss a class?

    As soon as you know you will miss a class, inform your department contact. Be prepared to inform the contact of the alternative activities you have planned. You have a responsibility to make sure the students continue to make progress towards the learning goals of the class. If you can, create an alternative activity for your students (e.g. reading, discussion board, written assignment, online video).

    Planned absence: If you must miss a class for a professional meeting, health reasons, religious observances, etc. please arrange for a guest lecturer or provide an alternative form of instruction. Put a notice in your syllabus indicating your absence.

    Unplanned absence: As soon as you know you will be unable to attend class, contact your department, post an announcement to Blackboard, and email your students. Give them an alternative assignment.

    A note on asynchronous online classes: With no scheduled class meetings, your students should have ongoing work each week. It’s important to notify them of unplanned absences if you will be unreachable.

End of Semester

  • What are the grades I can give a student?

    Most of the time you will give academic letter grades A to F. Non-academic grades do not carry grade points and are not used to calculate GPAs. However, CR, NC, P, NB and NP grades may be used to determine satisfactory academic progress. Other designations (AU: Audit and W: Withdrawal) do not carry grade points and are not used to calculate GPAs. 

    Please see the current UAA Catalog for more information on grading.

  • How and why would I give an incomplete grade?

    An “I” (Incomplete) is a temporary grade that indicates a student has made satisfactory progress in the majority of the coursework, but due to conditions beyond the control of the student, she or he has not been able to complete the course. Please view the information in the Grading section of the UAA Catalog. Access forms from the UAA Employee Intranet.

  • How do I submit final grades?
    Final grades are submitted via UAOnline. They are typically due by 11:59 pm on the Wednesday following finals week. See directions for submitting grades.
  • How do I change a grade in UAOnline?

    A grade submitted in UAOnline rolls to the student's academic record overnight. Once the grade rolls, it cannot be changed in UAOnline. Please wait to submit your grades until all assignments, papers, exams, etc., have been graded. Please view the information in the Grading section of the UAA Catalog. Access forms from the UAA Employee Intranet.

  • How long do I have to keep course records?

    Records related to classroom and course should be maintained for one full semester (excluding summer session) after the semester in which the final grade was recorded. 

    • Items containing personally identifiable student information (i.e. student ID, SSN, date of birth, etc.) must be protected and secured. For faculty going off contract for the summer, please make sure that student files, thumb drives with student grades, and other related items are stored in a locked drawer or locked cabinet.
    • Records that are duplicates of what is already maintained by Enrollment Services do not need to be maintained, and this is a good time to shred those documents.
    • For more information see University of Alaska records retention and disposal schedules.