Safety & Emergencies

""Call 911 for emergencies or crimes on all campuses


Preplan for emergencies

  • UA Alert sends closure and emergency notices to your email address and/or text address listed in UAOnline. Make sure your information is current. Encourage your students to make sure their personal information is current in UAOnline.
  • Enter the phone number for the Campus Police in your phone: 786-1120 (Anchorage campus)
  • Know the emergency exits from your classroom.
  • Locate the fire extinguishers in your classroom.
  • Set up an alternative communication plan for your class. Be sure to communicate a plan with your students so they know what to do if university systems (email, Blackboard, etc.) go down. For ideas see Digital Detours.

In the event of an emergency

  • UAA Main Campus and University Center
    • Campus Police at 786-1120 assist with car trouble, locked classroom, safety escort, and disruptive students
    • Anchorage Police at 911 assist with car accidents, crime, medical emergencies, and threats/violence
  • All other campuses
    • Call 911
  • See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by the Campus Response Team for more info.

Weather alerts and closures

In the event of bad weather, UAA announces closures on the main UAA web page and local radio stations. UA Alert sends closure and emergency notices to your contact information listed in UAOnline.