During the Semester



You're in the groove or maybe just a few days ahead of your students (we've all had semesters like that). Now that the semester is rolling, here are a few items to help things going smoothly:

  • Teaching

    Communication is vital. If you need to change the syllabus, let your students know as soon as possible. Post announcements in Blackboard to remind them of important dates and deadlines. Establish a turn around time for emails and stick to it. 

    Timely grading is important to students. Prompt feedback can help them with their learning. Post the grades and feedback in Blackboard for easy student access to them. If you fall behind on any of these things, let your students know when you will catch up. 

  • Enrollment Management

    Become familiar with the registration information in the UAA Catalog. Pay particular attention to the Add, Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines and the Faculty-Initiated Drop or Withdrawal sections.

    Check Academic Dates and Deadlines for the specific dates in the current semester.

  • Course Evaluation

    UAA uses an online course evaluation tool called IDEA. The course evaluation data provides useful information to the university and to you. Review the information on the IDEA page for Faculty and the FAQ for Faculty.

    Please note: 

    1. You will receive emails to your UA email account reminding you to customize the survey for your class by completing the Faculty Information Form (FIF).
    2. Students can access the IDEA survey via a link that becomes active at the end of the semester in each Blackboard course or via an email they will receive. View the survey default open and close dates for students. 
    3. IDEA surveys are created for classes with enrollments of 11 or more  students. 

    For more information, see the UAA Faculty Evaluation page.  Scroll down for the information on IDEA.

You are not alone

Remember, it's okay to ask for help. You can ask your department contact for advice or consider these resources:

  1. Disruptive student - contact the CARE team to file a report or, if it's really serious, the Campus Police at 786-1120
  2. Academic integrity - contact the Dean of Students' office.  
  3. Technology issues - contact the IT Call Center at 786-4646, option 1 or 877-633-3888, option 1
  4. New ideas for teaching with technology - contact Academic Innovations and eLearning (907) 786-4496