End of Semester


You made it to the end of the semester! A few more tasks and you are finished:

  • Final Exams
    Typically, a room and time for your final exam will be assigned for your class towards the end of the semester. Check with your department contact about the schedule.
  • Course Evaluation

    By now, you have completed the Faculty Information Form (FIF) to customize the IDEA survey.

    Students access the IDEA online course evaluation in Blackboard via the Course Evaluation link in the left menu. The survey becomes active a few weeks before the end of the semester and closes the day before grades must be posted on UAOnline. The Faculty Services website has the dates and documentation on IDEA.

  • Enter Final Grades

    Final grades are due in UAOnline generally by 11:59 pm on the Wednesday after finals. Check with your department contact to confirm the date since it is not posted in the academic calendar. Often the registrar's office will send out a reminder notice to the faculty listserv about the due date to enter grades. Please note: Late grades hold up financial, registration, and graduation for students.

    Only submit grades when they are final. After the grades are entered in UAOnline, a change of grade form has to be filed to change the grade. The form requires your signature, your department chair's signature, and your dean's signature.  It's tedious to change grades.

    Grading Instructions

    List of UAA Grades

  • Reflect and Plan

    The semester is over. Grades are in. Time to relax. While it's still fresh in your mind, take a few moments to note what went well and what you'd change next time you teach the class.

    Thank you for your good work!