Default Dates


Faculty Information Form (FIF)      

First 5 week session:

Open: June 5          Close: June 27     

Second 5 week session:

Open: July 11        Close: August 7

10 week session:

Open: June 5          Close: August 7  

Student Survey Form (RF)       

First 5 week session:

Open: June 14          Close: June 27

Second 5 week session: 

Open: July 25          Close: August 7

10 week session:

Open: July 25         Close: August 7

Please note that after student survey forms are distributed no questions can be added to surveys:
First 5 weeks: June 14

Second 5 weeks, 10 weeks: July 25

 More information on dates

 FIFs can be completed to customize course objectives and add custom questions. Need more information on how to use the FIF? Students will automatically gain access to surveys in sections where faculty did not take active steps to control the survey dates. 
Note: changing the availability of the BlackBoard link does not change when the survey opens and closes.

These are the default dates for surveys. Faculty can change these dates so check with your instructor if you are unable to access your survey during this time. You can also get help accessing your survey by contacting us.