Cost of Graduate Education and Financial Resources

A graduate degree from UAA is among the most affordable across the U.S. Graduate school is an investment in your future paying dividends in career advancement, increased salary, and your overall quality of life.

Calculating the cost of a graduate degree means knowing the per credit hour rate for your particular program of study, the cost of mandatory student fees, and total number of program credits.

Graduate Tuition Per Credit Hour by Program

  • Master and Doctoral Programs
    Degree Program Alaska Resident Non-Resident
    Anthropology (MA) $513.00 $1079.00
    Applied Geological Sciences (MS) $513.00 $1079.00
    Biological Sciences (MS) $513.00 $1079.60
    Civil Engineering (MSCE) $615.60 $1294.80
    Clinical Psychology (MS) $513.00 $1079.00
    Clinical-Community Psychology (PhD) $513.00 $1079.00
    Dietetics and Nutrition (MS) $513.00 $1079.00
    Educational Leadership (MEd) $513.00 $1079.00
    General Management (MBA) $615.60 $1294.80
    Global Supply Chain Management (MS) $615.60 $1294.80
    Interdisciplinary Studies (MA or MS) $513.00 $1079.00
    Mechanical Engineering (MS) $615.60 $1294.80
    Nursing Science (MS) $513.00 $1079.00
    Nursing Science (DNP) $513.00 $1079.00
    Project Management (MS) $615.60 $1294.80
    Public Administration (MPA) $615.60 $1294.80
    Public Policy (MPP) $615.60 $1294.80
    Public Health Practice (MPH) $769.50 $1335.50
    Social Work (MSW) $513.00 $1079.00
    Special Education (MEd) $513.00 $1079.00
    Teaching and Learning (MEd) $513.00 $1079.00
  • Graduate Certificates
    Graduate Certificates Alaska Resident Non-Resident
    Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence



    Children's Mental Health $513.00 $1079.00
    Executive Leadership $615.60 $1294.80
    Educational Leadership: Principal $513.00 $1079.00
    Family Nurse Practitioner $513.00 $1079.00
    Language Education $513.00 $1079.00
    Nursing Education $513.00 $1079.00
    Project Management $615.60 $1294.80
    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner    
    Special Education $513.00 $1079.00



The university assesses mandatory student fees to offset the cost of providing a full range of resources to students, maintaining and upgrading campus facilities, and facilitating internet access and networks. Fees are calculated for each course and added to the per credit hour tuition.

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory student fees are charged to students based on credit load (how many credits they are taking).

Course Fees

Course fees are charged based on particular class types. For example lab classes may have individual lab fees to cover materials.

More Information about Tuition and Fees


Qualifying for Alaska Resident Tuition Rates

Since resident and non-resident tuition varies it is important to check the numerous ways you may qualify for resident tuition. UAA graduate students may qualify for Alaska resident tuition through affiliation with the military, as a dependent of a UAA alum or a dependent of a current Alaska resident, or if eligible for the PFD, among other circumstances. See Resident Tuition for a full listing of various routes to qualify for resident tuition.

Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP)

The WRGP is an agreement between numerous western U.S. states and other countries that extends resident tuition to those living in participant regions. Currently, WRGP participant states include Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. In addition to these states, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and other U.S. Pacific Territories & Freely Associated States participate in WRGP.

Graduate students residing in states participating in the WRGP are eligible for Alaska resident tuition rates on all UAA master's and doctoral programs. Certificate programs are not currently covered under the WRGP.

Qualification for WRGP status is part of the application process so no separate application form is required. The Office of Admissions will send notification of your status to the email address that you supplied on your application.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate assistantships and fellowships offer an outstanding opportunity for graduate students to gain research, teaching, and service experience while benefiting from full-tuition remission and benefits. Working alongside faculty members with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, a graduate assistant or fellow gains exceptional access to state-of-the-art research and teaching that enhances a professional resume with notable accomplishments.

These competitive assistantships and fellowships are available to full-time graduate students who are in good academic standing. They provide full-time tuition remission (up to nine credits per semester), pay a stipend, and provide paid health insurance. Some research assistantships also pay student fees.

For a listing of available graduate assistantships and fellowships along with employment information, visit Careers at UA Graduate Student Worker. Please contact the Graduate School with any questions about this academic experience.


The Graduate School annually awards Administrative Scholarships through a competitive application process. These scholarships vary in amount ranging from $250-$2,000 and are typically dispersed in the spring semester.