Graduate Student Project Research

All graduate students planning to conduct research that involves the use of human participant subjects and/or human participant data, vertebrate animals, hazardous chemicals, biohazards, and/or radioactive materials are required to complete the Project Topic, Research Compliance and Committee Form (RCIP). Also, if graduate students are planning research that will lead to intellectual property with commercial potential, they should complete the RCIP Form. At the same time, all graduate students are expected to respect the copyright, license and intellectual property rights that may attach to files of any media type, including software, texts, databases, images, video, music and other audio files, especially when using university computing and/or networking resources. For further information, contact the UAA Research Compliance Office or the associate vice provost for Research Administration and Commercialization.

Defense of Project

Graduate students who are required to complete a project in fulfillment of degree requirements may be required to pass an oral defense of the project. Defense dates must be submitted to the Graduate School and publicly posted one week before the defense. The defense will consist of a presentation followed by questions on the research, analysis and written project presentation. All committee members must be present at the project defense. A Report on Project Defense must be submitted to the Graduate School indicating date of completion, and approved by the graduate advisor and committee, program chair, college dean, and the Graduate School.

Project Review

Before final acceptance, all members of a student’s graduate committee, department/program chair, and the college dean, must approve the project as required by the student’s graduate program. Changes or corrections to the project may be required at any of these levels. The graduate committee is primarily responsible for project evaluation, grammar, punctuation, usage, and formatting, but the department chair/director, and college dean may also conduct reviews to monitor the quality of projects and check for any overlooked errors. The college dean may not give final approval until all required corrections are made. Students should check with their programs for required formatting. Ideally, formatting checks should be made before the defense of the project.  A copy of the signed and completed Project Approval Form is forwarded to the Graduate School. Once received, the Project requirement in Banner and the student’s DegreeWorks Graduate Studies Plan (GSP) will be noted as having a been met to partially meet degree requirements.           

Formatting Your Project

All projects should include a Project Title Page, an Abstract, and a Table of Contents. Please consult with your program regarding additional specific formatting requirements.  Note: your college dean is the final approver of the project.

Project Submission Deadlines

Consult your program and College dean for imposed deadlines. All project approval-related documents must be submitted to the Graduate School no later than the semester date that final grades are due.

Project Publication

Projects are published in the University of Alaska Institutional Repository (IR). Embargoes for proprietary information may be requested. Programs are responsible for forwarding the project and the IR Waiver form to the Metadata Services Librarian.