Contact Information

Graduate Program Contacts


College of Arts and Sciences

                 Dr. Ryan Harrod
                 Anthropology Graduate Coordinator
                 Tel: 907-786-4989

            Applied Geological Sciences

   Dr. Simon Kattenhorn
   Director, Geological Sciences
   Tel: 907-786-1013

   Dr. Shuvajit Bhattacharya
   Applied Geological Sciences Graduate Committee Chair
   Tel: 907-786-4697

 Biological Sciences
    Dr. Jonathan Stecyk
    Biological Sciences Graduate Committee Chair
    Tel: 907-786-4791

 Student Support and Graduate Affairs (Biological and Geological Sciences)
    Aubrey Martindale
    Tel: 907-786-1298 


 Creative Writing and Literary Arts

     Dr. David Stevenson
     CWLA Program Coordinator
     Tel: 907-786-6435

     Dr. David Bowie
     English Department Chair
     Tel: 907-786-4359
 Student Support and Graduate Affairs (English and Creative Writing)
    Rebecca Coffin
    Tel: 907-786-4357
    Dr. Vivian Gonzalez
    Director, Clinical-Community Psychology Doctoral Program 
    Tel: 907-786-6679

    Anissa Hauser
    PhD Program Coordinator
    Tel: 907-561-2880

Psychology - MS
    Dr. Gloria Eldridge
    Director, Clinical Psychology Masters Program 
    Tel: 907-786-1623

   School of Education

      Teaching and Learning
          Master of Education
          Dr. Timothy Jester
          Tel: 907-786-1666

      Special Education 
          Master of Education or Graduate Certificate
          Dr. Tara Maltby
          Tel: 907-786-4867

      Educational Leadership
          Master of Education or Graduate Certificate
          Dr. Ginger Blackmon
          Tel: 907-786-1645

         Administrative Assistant  for Graduate Studies (TBD)
         Tel: 907-786-4450

   College of Business & Public Policy

              General Management - MBA

              Public Administration - MPA

              Global Supply Chain Management - MS

                   Dr. Sandra Ehrlich Mathiesen
                   Graduate Programs Director    
                   Tel: 907-786-4165

                   Janet Burton
                   Graduate Programs Coordinator
                   Tel: 907-786-4171

College of Health

             Dietetics and Nutrition 
                   Dr. Carrie King
                   MS Program Coordinator
                   Tel: 917-786-6597

Public Health Practice

     Dr. Gabriel Garcia
     MPH Program Coordinator
     Tel: 907-786-6532

      Katie Frost
      MPH Program Administrative Assistant
      Tel: 907-786-6540

 School of Nursing

      Dr. Jill Janke
      SON Graduate Program Chair
      Tel: 907-786-4570

      Chris Caples
      SON Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant

School of Social Work

     Dr. Mary Dallas Allen
     MSW Program Coordinator
     Tel: 907-786-6992

    Sharie Field
    Academic Specialist
    Tel: 907-786-6971

WWAMI Biomedical Program
      Dr. Kathy Young
      Interim Director, WWAMI School of Medical Education
      Tel: 907-786-4884

Graduate School/Interdisciplinary Degrees

        Interdisciplinary Degree Program
            Elisa Mattison, MA
            Graduate School Director
            MA & MS INDS Graduate Programs Advisor
            Tel: 907-786-1096

College of Engineering

Civil Engineering

     Dr. Zhaohui Yang 
     CE Program Chair
     Tel: 907-786-5475

Mechanical Engineering

     Dr. Jifeng Peng
     ME Program Chair
    Tel: 907-786-6193

 Project Management
     LuAnn Piccard, MS
     PM Program Chair
     Tel: 907-786-1917

 COEng Student Services
    Angie Bishop
    Administrative Manager
    Tel: 907-786-5475

    Keturah Costello
    Dept. Assistant & Advisor
    Tel: 907-786-1973