Maintaining Student Files


Keep Students Up-To-Date!

Advisors should submit an annual report for all students having graduate assistantships or fellowships, Interdisciplinary Degree students, or any students needing additional guidance or direction to success in their graduate studies.  The Annual Reporst is due to the Graduate School based on the student's semester of admision. This allows the Graduate School and the Enrollment Office to track student's progress. Programs should also submit an RCIP and Graduate Committee Form on behalf of all students with a graduate committee (project, thesis or dissertation). 

In order to remove a student from a program, staff and faculty should use the forms below. Removals can occur based on GPA, failure to maintain continuous registration or expired admissions. Please review the templates below. If you have have questions, please contact the Graduate School. 

Forms and Templates

GPA Probation Letter Template 

Probation Letter Template (other)

Probation Letter Template 

Removal from Graduate Degree-Seeking Status Letter (Expired Admissions) Template 

Removal from Graduate Degree-Seeking Status Letter Template