Faculty & Staff Resources

  • Banner SI Training

    Banner SI Training Schedule and System Help

    Banner SI Training Registration

    The University of Alaska uses Banner to maintain integrated data for finance, human resources, student, and financial aid systems. A few examples of University systems powered by Banner include UAOnline, DegreeWorks, and Travel & Expense Management. 

  • Course Content Guides

    Curriculum Files Directory

    Acrobat PDF files of latest curriculum action requests and course content guides for active academic courses. This directory is incomplete. Courses not listed here are available in CIM Course Management.

  • Curriculum Handbook

    Curriculum Handbook

    The Curriculum Handbook is a guide published by the Governance Office. The handbook explains the curriculum process, including a review of the academic boards and the curriculum approval process. 

  • DegreeWorks


    Degree audits and GSP's for advisers and faculty. DegreeWorks is an electronic degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to assist in reviewing your degree progress. 
    Tutorial: DegreeWorks Planner for Faculty Mentoring Graduate Students

  • Designing a Course and Preparing a Syllabus
  • Faculty Senate

    Faculty Senate

    The Faculty Senate provides official representation for faculty of the University of Alaska Anchorage in matters that affect the general welfare of the University and its research, creative activities, and educational programs. It functions as the legislative body having primary authority to initiate, develop, review and recommend policy of the University of Alaska Anchorage, including but not limited to academic matters, faculty matters, physical facilities and equipment, and university community.

  • Faculty Advising Manual

    UAA Faculty Advising Manual (updated version coming soon)

    How to Mentor Graduate Students: A Guide for Faculty (University of Michigan publication)

  • FERPA Training

    FERPA Training - UAA

    FERPA Information - Statewide

    All Faculty and Advisors working with Graduate Students must be FERPA trained.  On-line training is available.

  • Governance


    The University of Alaska's governance system provides a forum and mechanism whereby faculty, staff, and students may present issues and positions for discussion throughout the university system; whereby they may seek mutual support, may speak with a common voice and may act together on issues affecting the general welfare of the university system community as a whole.

  • Graduate Academic Board

    Graduate Academic Board

    GAB reviews all graduate level courses and programs to be added, changed, or deleted from the catalog and university offerings. All Course and Curriculum changes must go through the Graduate Academic Board (GAB) after they have been approved by the College or School Curriculum Committee. Changes to courses and curriculum are approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Please consult the UAA Curriculum Handbook for an overview of the do's and don'ts of curriculum additions, deletions, and changes.

  • Graduate Adisory Council 

    Graduate Advisory Council

    UAA's Graduate Council advises the Dean of the Graduate School in policy matters and promotes general advocacy of programs throughout the University community. The Council reviews, determines and recommends policies for graduate programs.

  • Room Scheduling

    Room Scheduling


    The Office of the Registrar is responsible for assigning available space for regularly scheduled classes on the UAA campus. The remaining space across campus (labs, computer labs, classrooms, etc.) is controlled by individual departments at UAA. University of Alaska Anchorage classrooms and events are scheduled through 25Live. 25Live is currently used by the UAA, MSC, KOC and PWSC campuses for the requesting and scheduling of University owned spaces.

  • Semester Schedule/Fee Search

    Semester Schedule/Fee Search

    A course schedule and fee search providing several ways to query course schedule information. This search is most useful for obtaining lists of various kinds of course listings. This website is for departmental scheduling purposes only. It is not intended for student use or advising. The information provided is downloaded daily from Banner but is not the official class listing.  For official class schedule information, use the UAOnline course search or Banner. All courses are shown except inactive and canceled.

  • Staff Handbook

    UAA Graduate School Resources and Processes

    How to use Docu-sign for all graduate documents. Learn the process for work-flow, power forms, templates and other processes. Additional process information not covered in Faculty & Staff webpages. 

  • Grading FAQ's and Information

    Grading FAQ's

    Office of the Registrar Faculty & Staff Resources

    Login to the Intranet to access faculty and staff forms, such as the Change of Grade, Directed/Independent Study Forms, or DegreeWorks guides.