Weather Closure

University of Alaska Anchorage campus will be closed September 24, 2021 beginning at 6:40 AM, due to weather. Students and employees should check their email for more information. The university will remain closed for the weekend and reopen on Monday morning.

The Alaska Airlines Center will be open Saturday, September 25, for the home volleyball match that afternoon.

Graduate School Forms

Instructions:  (to avoid processing delays please follow the steps below)

  1. Find the form you need below. Some of the forms are non-enterable PDF's; please do not try to alter the form. 
  2. Work with your advisor to complete the appropriate form with the signature routing process.  (All forms require electronic signatures via Docu-Sign.)
  3. Once the form has been fully vetted, you will be emailed a copy for your records. 
  • Graduate Admissions Forms

    Application for Admission to Graduate School
          Review the admission requirements for your desired program. Submit Letters of Recommendation, resumes, statement of goals, etc. to the Office of Admissions

    Admissions Change Form
    Use this form to:

    • Change Admission Semester (Postpone)
      To change or postpone your admission to a different semester, submit this form.
      You must observe the postponement deadlines to avoid any penalites:
              Fall semester deadline: September 30
              Spring semester deadline: February 15
              Summer semester deadline: July 30
    • Change your Major before being Admitted
      If you have submitted your application and would like to change your major before being admitting, submit this form.
    • Withdraw Admission Application OR Withdraw from Degree-seeking Status
      To withdraw your application to Graduate School, or if you wish to withdraw from your program of study completely after admission, please submit this form . If enrolled in coursework, remember to drop or withdraw from all classes on UAOnline. You  remain responsible for paying for all coursework and fees if you do not drop or withdraw from your courses. 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Plan (Proposed Initial GSP)

    INDS Proposed Graduate Studies Plan (for Interdisciplinary Program application materials ONLY)

    Required as part of the INDS application packet. Once admitted to the INDS program, this original GSP must be entered into and approved via DegreeWorks. 

  • Special Requests

    Change of Major 
          This form is required to change majors or emphasis area in within the same degree and within the same college after you have been admitted.

    English Proficiency Requirements for International Students

    All international students must show that they have obtained a certain level of English proficiency*. Masters and Doctoral degree applicants must attain a level of proficiency to be admitted as demonstrated by the IELTS or TOEFL scores.

    *UAA does not offer conditional admission due to incomplete or low English Proficiency Test Score.

        An English Proficiency Examination Exemption Request Form may be submitted by the student under special cirsumstances. 

    Graduate Academic Petition Form            

            Deviations from UAA  catalog policies or requirements must be approved by submitting this form. Petitions must be approved by all signers to move forward to the next level.  The Graduate School Dean has final approval on all petitions. Please read the catalog for graduate policies before you submit a petition.

    Add/Drop Courses
      Must have all appropriate signatures before submitting by the semester deadline.

    Student Initiated Drop/Withdrawal Form
                 Forms must be submitted by 5:00 pm on the deadline day.

                  Deadlines for dropping/withdrawing can be found on the Dates and Deadlines Calendar.
                  Verifying processing within 1-3 days on UAOnline.
                  Log in with UAA username (not UA ID number) and UAA password (UAA e-mail/Blackboard pass                word)

    Request for Outside Examiner

    Mandatory for all Doctoral Oral Comprehensive Exams (except for qualifying exams) and dissertation or doctoral project defenses. Requests must be submitted to the Graduate School at least two weeks (10 working days) in advance of the exam. Please allow 15 days if scheduled during the summer semester.

    Request for Temporary Leave of Absence

    Required to temporarily suspend your studies while admitted to a graduate degree program. If you are not “continuously registered” (see catalog policy) or submit a Request for Leave of Absence, you will be removed from degree-seeking status and will have to be reinstated before resuming your studies.

    Graduate Student Employee Workload Exception Form

    Required when requesting a waiver of the UAA student employment guidelines in allowing a graduate student  who has been awarded an assistantship to work more than 20 hours per week or 40 hours per pay period. International students on F-1 or J-1 visas are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week and therefore are not eligible for this exception This form in not needed during summer employment. This form is not applicable for GA's having outside employment during their contract which is on violation of their GA employment award letter. 

    Reinstatement to Graduate Degree-Seeking Status

    Submit if you have been removed from your program for failure to undertake continuous enrollment and/or not make continuous progress: 
         1. You must have been in good standing (overall GPA and most recent semester GSP is 3.0 or higher.
         2. Your last enrollment was less than two years ago (six semesters including summers). For periods  over two years, you must reapply for admission (see Application for Admission) to your program.

    Directed Study Form

    Independent Study Form

  • Project Forms

    Please complete and submit in the following order:

    Project Topic and Research Compliance Form 

    Required of all graduate students completing a final research project. If research categories are NOT applicable to your project, then check “NO” for each category. This form must be submitted. Your project chair must sign as "PI". 

    Graduate Project Committee Form 

    Required for all students completing projects for the initial appointment or revision of their committee. 

    Report on Project Defense

    Required for all students who are completing a project instead of a thesis or dissertation. Must be submitted after the defense and before the Project Approval Form.

    Project Approval Form

    Required for all programs requiring a research project to meet degree requirements. This form is used to signify final approval of your project. Please ensure that you complete the entire form including embargo and research approval information.

           School of Nursing - DNP Project

    The School of Nursing may also require a traditional signature page, consult your advisor to find out if this applies to you. Please ensure that you complete the entire form including embargo and research approval information.

  • Report Forms 

    Annual Report of Graduate Student Progress

    Required annually for all students awarded Research, Teaching, Services Assistantships or Fellowships; Interdisciplinary Degree students, or for those programs wishing to document student progress/jeopardy as part of the academic process. 

             Students who started their degree in summer or fall: May 15th every year 
             Students who started their degree in spring: December 15th every year.

    Report on Clinical Portfolio

    Required by students in the MS Clinical Psychology program.

    Report on Comprehensive Exam

    Required for programs that require a written or oral comprehensive final exam. 

    Report on Project Defense

    Required for all students who are completing a project instead of a thesis or dissertation. Must be submitted after the project defense and before the Project Approval Form.

    Report on Thesis/Dissertation Defense

    Required for all students who are completing a thesis or dissertation. Form must be submitted after the thesis/dissertation defense and before the Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form.

  • Thesis/Dissertation Forms 

    Please complete and submit in the following order:

    Thesis/Dissertation Topic and Research Compliance Form 

    Required of all graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation. If research categories are NOT applicable to your thesis, then check “NO” for each category. This form must be submitted. Your thesis or dissertation chair must sign as "PI". 

    Thesis/Dissertation Committee

    Required for all students completing theses or a dissertation for the initial appointment or the revision of their committee. 

    Report on Thesis/Dissertation Defense

    Required for all students who are completing a thesis or dissertation. Form must be submitted after the defense and before the Approval Form.

    Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form

    Required for all thesis or dissertation students. This form is used to signify final approval of your thesis or dissertation. This form now allows electronic signatures. Please complete the research compliance and Embargo sections on the form.

  • Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Enrollment Form

    Health Insurance Enrollment Form 

    Graduate Assistants/Fellowships: Required for mandatory health insurance enrollment.  The form must be completed no later than the tuition and fee payment deadline each semester. Under Coverage Period enter only the semester(s) listed on your signed contract letter.  Graduate Teaching Assistants (TA) are personally responsible for completing their FERPA training or forfeiting their assistantship.

    (New: WWAMI students, please complete your enrollment form on the WWAMI website.) 

  • Advancement to Candidacy 

    Advancement to Candidacy (Master’s: Anthropology, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management) 

    Please see your advisor. Candidacy requirement information is due at least, if not before, the semester in which you intend to graduate. If using an individualized GSP, remember to update your final GSP in DegreeWorks to match your program's candidacy requirements.

    Advancement to Candidacy (Psychology PhD) See PhD program coordinator for information and forms.

    Per the UAA catalog, doctoral students in some programs may not advance to candidacy until they have passed written and/or qualifying exams. Due at least one semester before the semester in which you intend to graduate. Remember to update your GSP in DegreeWorks to match your candidacy form.

  • Application to Graduate

    Application to Graduate

            Students must apply to graduate to have their degree awarded. Students must be formally admitted            to a graduate degree or certificate program to be eligible to graduate. Login to UAOnline and click on          Student Services and Account Information. Click on Student Records and select “Apply to Graduate”.  

Graduating Students Exit Survey

The UAA Graduate School is interested in your experiences as a graduate student. Our goal is to use this feedback to assess and improve the quality of graduate education at UAA. Because student input is a vital part of our program evaluation process, graduating students are strongly encouraged to complete this anonymous exit survey. (If your program has its own exit survey, please complete your program survey in addition to this one.) The results of this survey contribute to the overall program assessment we have established to maintain the quality of our graduate programs.

Link to Qualtrics Survey