Graduate Council

UAA's Graduate Council advises the Dean of the Graduate School in policy matters and promotes general advocacy of programs throughout the University community. The Council reviews, determines and recommends policies for graduate programs. Its members consist of graduate chairs and directors, and a representative from the Graduate Student Association.

2016-2017 Graduate Council Members

College Name  Unit Affiliation Room Contact Information
Arts & Sciences Jennifer Stone, Chair English ADM 101J 786-4373        
Health Mary Dallas Allen, Vice Chair School of Social Work GHH 106 786-6992
Health Amanda Walch Dietetics & Nutrition PSB 119B 786-1362  
Engineering Anthony Paris Mechanical Engineering EIB 409H 786-1912
Business & Public Policy Bogdan Hoanca CBPP Graduate Programs RH 308A 786-4140
Graduate Students Bionne Elkins Psychology PhD SSB 303  
Arts & Sciences David Stevenson Creative Writing & Literary Arts ADM 272 786-6435
Education Ed McLain COE Graduate Prog. Committee PSB 206K 952-8940
Arts & Sciences Gloria Eldridge Psychology MS NSB 221 786-1623          
Education Grant Sasse Counselor Education  PSB 206K 786-6314         
Business & Public Policy Greg Protasel Public Policy RH 307A 786-1786     
Engineering Hannele Zubeck Civil Engineering Off Campus 786-1970     
Arts & Sciences Jennifer Burns Biological Sciences  CPISB 202C 786-1527       
Health Jill Janke School of Nursing  HSB 321 786-4570         
Arts & Sciences Jim Fitterling Psychology PhD SSB 303G 786-1580    
Health Liz Snyder Public Health  BOC3/220 786-6541
Engineering LuAnn Piccard Eng/Sci Mgmt & Project Mgmt EIB 201X 786-1917
Arts & Sciences sally Carraher Anthropology BMH 205 786-1568
Education Tim Jester Teaching & Learning PSB 224D 786-1666
Ex-Officio Members Name Title/Affiliation  
Graduate School Dr. Helena Wisniewski Dean BOC3/368 786-4833
Graduate School Elisa Mattison Director BOC3/368 786-1096
Graduate Academic Board Anthony Paris Chair EIB 409H 786-1912
Arts & Sciences Simon Kattenhorn Geological Sciences CPISB 101G 786-0313
Office of the Registrar Lindsey Chadwell  Interim Registrar UC 201 786-6190
Office of Admissions Cathy Ewing Director UC 106A 786-1558

Scheduled Meeting Dates and Time 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Fall 2016 - RH 204
Spring 2017 - RH 204
September 9
January 20
October 14
February 10
November 11
March 10
December 9
April 14


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