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Application for Graduation

Finishing Your Requirements

When in doubt, check it out. Check DegreeWorks, see your advisor. Never just assume.

Please complete the Graduate Student Exit Survey.

Apply for Graduation

You must apply for graduation. The Application for Graduation fee is $50 to offset costs associated with Degree Works, the cost of diploma covers, and to align UAA with fees charged by UAF & UAS.  Students may apply for graduation until the last class day of the semester. See chart below for more information.

Application for Graduation Deadlines

Special  Considerations
Fall 2019  December  6, 2019  $50.00 Must apply by November 15 for name to appear in commencement program.
Spring 2020  April 24,  2020  Waived* Must apply by April 3 for name to appear in commencement program. *Due to COVID-19

July 24, 2020


Hooding Ceremony and Graduation
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Commencement & Hooding Ceremony
The Graduate Degree Hooding Ceremony is held twice yearly: December and May at 3:00 p.m. at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium on the UAA campus. Commencement is held the following day at the Alaska Airlines Center. Check the Commencement website for specific dates. Due to the number of students participating in the Hooding Ceremony, the Wendy Williamson Auditorium may be filled to capacity. If your guests wish to be seated in the auditorium, please plan on arriving early to the ceremony. Those arriving with small children are asked to choose seating closer to the aisles. 

Order Your Cap, Gown, and Hood from the UAA Campus Bookstore. You cannot participate in the Hooding Ceremony and Commencement without regalia.
Graduate students are responsible for ordering their caps and gowns through the UAA Campus Bookstore in spring or fall. Master's degree students must order hoods; the color of the hood is determined by the graduate program and degree. Doctoral students are provided their hood by the Graduate School. Programs must notify the Graduate School with the names of qualifying students to receive their doctoral hood. Grad Fair for fall 2020 is in the UAA Campus Bookstore, date to be determined. If you need to secure regalia, please contact the Bookstore.

Masters and Doctoral Candidates at Commencement
Masters and Doctoral degree candidates will not be hooded during the Commencement ceremony. Instead, UAA holds a special Hooding Ceremony for Master's and Doctoral degree candidates on the Saturday before Commencement. This special Hooding Ceremony adds to the graduation experience by making it possible to focus on advanced degree candidates and their accomplishments. It allows graduate faculty and staff, family and friends a chance to witness the ceremonial hooding of the graduate student in a more intimate setting.
Please note: The Hooding Ceremony does not take the place of Commencement. Graduate students will march with full regalia, including hoods, receive their diploma cover, have their degrees conferred and be recognized by name along with those earning baccalaureate and associate degrees and certificates at  the Commencement ceremony on Sunday.

Hooding Ceremony and Commencement Notes:

1. Students participating in the Hooding Ceremony may not wear stoles, medallions, or other departmental or society honors; the ceremony is about the hood you are about to receive. 
2. Graduate students do not receive "honors" or honor cords, as all graduate students are considered honor students. 

Graduate Degree Hooding Ceremony F.A.Q.

Hooding Ceremony Walk-Through Request Policy:
To meet the definition of having "essentially completed all degree requirements", and to participate in the Hooding Ceremony, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

1) successfully complete all required tests, course work, and thesis/project defense (with a Pass, not Conditional Pass)  prior to the Hooding Ceremony; and

2) submit to the Graduate School by April 15 or December 1, depending upon graduation date, the fully signed Request for Commencement & Hooding Ceremony Walk-Through form certifying that any required revisions to the project or thesis/dissertation will be completed by July 31 for the May walk-through exemption or March 1 for December walk-through exemption.  Please contact the Graduate School if you have any questions.

Hooding Ceremony 2013 Student in Alaska Sneakers Extra Tuff Fishing Boots

Diplomas and Commencement
Graduate students do not receive "honors" designations from UAA (all graduate students are considered honors students.) 

The Registrar's office prints diplomas at the beginning of each month for all students who earned their degree in the month prior (i.e. diplomas will be printed at the beginning of June for degrees awarded in May). 
For more information and latest about graduation and Degree Services, see Graduation and Degree Services. 

Commencement F.A.Q.
After graduation connect with the Office of Alumni Relations.