Funding Sources

UAA Funding Sources

Funding Agency Information This UAA Office of Sponsored Programs under the Vice Provost for Research provides funding agency links for private, state, foundation, and government sponsored project opportunities.  The policy at UAA requires proposals for funding that name UAA as the applicant to have a faculty as the Principal Investigator.
Graduate Student Association (GSA) Sponsored Funding Opportunities The UAA Graduate Student Association (GSA) requests proposals to assist advanced level studies and research at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Awards of up to $750 are available per currently enrolled UAA student or per research project (in the case that more than one applicant requests funding for the same project).
Office of Financial Assistance & Information The Financial Assistance site provides a number of financial assistance opportunities for graduate students.
SPIN/SMARTS UAA has a subscription through the Consortium Library.  Please see the Resource Librarian for assistance in searching for funding using keywords for your interest area.
UAA Funding  These sources of funding are primarily for faculty.  They include the Faculty Development Grant, Research Travel Grants, Natural Resources Fund and PBAC (Planning and Budget Advisory Council).  These funding sources are managed through the Provost's Office and the Chancellor's Office. Please see Chapter IV of the Faculty Handbook for procedures on obtaining these funds.  They primarily fund Faculty endeavors at UAA.
UAA Scholarships The UAA Scholarship site provides information for UA Statewide, UAA, college and private scholarships. 

Federal Financial Aid for Students

The U. S. Department of Education has a helpful website with all the necessary forms to research possible funding for your Graduate School education.